Layer Cake's V-Diet Log (Started 5/25/09)

Hey guys and greetings from Finland.

Long story short; I have eaten like shit pretty much my whole life (turning 22yo later this year) and if I wouldn’t have do all kinds of sports (soccer, martial arts and now lifting) I would be really obese. One could say I’m a junkfood junkie.

I tried Velocity Diet last fall but fall off the wagon after my first HSM. Since then I’ve been cutting weight and have gained during the cut 10kg which is ~22lbs (sorry but I only speak metric, ay). So basically I eat few days clean but then the cravings get too hard and I just eat whatever I can.

I’ve decided it has to stop NOW! I’m pissed off and willing to change my life. It’s freaking ON!

Some of my starting stats:

Age: 21
Height: 177cm
Weight: 100,8kg

Neck: 41cm
Chest: 111cm
Waist (naval): 110cm
Hips: 111cm
Thigs (both the same): 67cm
Arms (same): 34cm

Will post the starting pics later.

Day #1:

Okay so I started on monday. Last time the first day was harsh but this time there was no problem. Loved my NEPA, sun was shining and went to the shore walking near to the sea, it was great way to wake up. Drinks…no problem at all and no cravings - although I had a day off from work and slept pretty late so I wasn’t even up that many hours but maybe it was better that way.

NEPA: 55 minutes

Weight training 1:


Front squat: 4x5x45kg
Lat pulldown: 4x5x60kg
Dumbbell benchpress: 4x5x22.5kg (per side)
Ab wheel rollout: 4x5

Cooldown and stretching

Weight session was pretty easy (compared to wednesday’s), I haven’t done front squats ever so had to focus on the technique.

Day #2

NEPA: ~55 minutes

Easy day, was at work with minimum cravings. NEPA was great again.

Day #3:

NEPA: about 50 minutes

Weight training 2:


Reverse lunge: 5x8x17.5kg (per side)
Bentover barbell row: 5x8x65kg
Pushpress: 2x8x30, 7x30, 5x25, 2x6x25
Barbell curl: 5x8x23kg
Reverse crunch: 5x8


Definitely hardest day this far and I went to hell back and literally. My hand was shaking at work because I haven’t had anything “good” for almost three days and the cravings almost killed me. I was really close to quit but then I stepped up and stopped being such a little girl.

Weight session was also fucking hard. I thought I would die after the lunges but no…the worst part was those pushpresses were I totally gassed out and had to take some weight off. It was first time I did that move so maybe I was overconfident… Anyway I was sweating like a stuffed pig and really loved the session.

Day #4:

NEPA: ~50 minutes

Easier than day #3. My back was very sore from last evening’s session but I guess it’s a good sign.

Now I’m updated what has happened this far and now I can focus more on telling how I feel etc.
It’s morning afternoon in here now of day 5, so I’ll be back alter to report more stuff.

Stay strong, I know I will!

Hang in there, it definitely gets easier during the second week. My first four or five days I was hungry, irritable, occasionally nauseous, and the workouts left me feeling weak as a kitten. This second week I feel just fine 90% of the time, and the other 10% I can tough out and ignore those horrible T.V. ads for junk.

Also, I agree about the push presses. For some reason those have been the most difficult exercise in that workout for me even though I’m not using that much weight.

Thanks, definitely seems easier even now when I’m on day 6.

Day #5:

NEPA: 50 minutes

Weight session 3:


Deadlift: 2x8x80kg, 2x6x80kg, 3x4x80kg
Decline barbell benchpress: 5x8x40kg
Lat pulldown: 5x8x45kg
Hand walkout: 5x8

cooldown + proper stretching

Good shit. I was so out of this world I accidentally put 100kg to the bar on deadlift and after few reps I thought “damn I’m weak, 80kg hasn’t ever been this heavy”. Overall my body is pretty sore and bang up, luckily I have now two weeks vacation from the work so I can focus strictly on training, resting and on the diet itself.

Yesterday I really achieved to state of mind that I’m doing The Velocity Diet and nothing can stop me, not even if co-worker tries to give me some nice chocolate. Absolutely love this feeling.

Today is my first v-Burn and I’m pretty scared, let’s see how it goes. Goal is to finish it.

HSM-day also today, it’s a good and bad thing. Looking really forward to eat something but on the other hand last time HSM tasted maybe little too good…

Day #6:

V-Burn: Check
HSM: Check

V-Burn time: 34.25

My goal was to get under 35 minutes so I consider I got the job done. Overall experience was sweaty…and gassed out. Squat thrusts were killing me but hopefully I’m going to be killing them in a few weeks. Next saturday the goal is to get under 30 minutes which is very do-able.

Then the HSM…

You will rock the v-burn! Nice work on the workouts and that HSM looks very nice. I am jealous, you can’t see my face but I am! I have to wait 3 days until mine.

Keep the momentum, it’s looking good!

I was having some trouble with that last post so here we go again…

So HSM was two lean steaks (I believe they were somewhere around 9oz combined), brown rice with onions and mushrooms in tomato-olive sauce and some grilled tomatoes. Needless to say I can’t remember the last time I ate something this good, eventhough I’m not too good of a cook.

Now I’m back on the drinks again and not having any cravings at all. I’ll try to think that next week I have again this amazing HSM prize waiting for me if I succeed and it’s definitely worth it.

On the last V-diet I had these very odd cravings. I don’t even like mushrooms but then I started to crave them and had to have them in my first (and sadly last) HSM. Same thing this time and I been fantasising the whole week how I but tomatoes to the oven and cook them there…and I don’t like them that much either. Better to crave some good food than junk food anyway.

I look really forward to tomorrow’s NEPA. It’s now 10.30PM in here and it’s still almost 20 degrees and tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter so weather would be perfect for morning walk.

Thanks for the support alli, really appreciate it!

Day #7:

Week one is pretty much all but done. One shake left and it’s my favourite part of the day. I love peanut butter!

37 shakes of 148 slammed down this far “but who’s counting”…

Today did 60 minutes of NEPA. Weather was HOT and luckily there was some eyecandy jogging around and it almost was better eyecandy then the food porn you guys post in here.

To be honest, I was bored to death this weekend. I’m afraid my friends are those toxic people and I have to avoid them in weekends, too big chance to fall of the wagon I guess. Luckily I have some program for next week to stay busy.

I’ve noticed this week that stairs to the third floor aren’t that bad and they are prolly faster than waiting for the elevator.

Tomorrow weigh in/measurement day and I will post my starting pics and week 1 pics also.

[quote]Layer Cake wrote:
To be honest, I was bored to death this weekend. I’m afraid my friends are those toxic people and I have to avoid them in weekends, too big chance to fall of the wagon I guess. Luckily I have some program for next week to stay busy.

I know how you feel on this one, all my family and friends turned against me when I said I wanted to lose weight and stuff. It got worse when I actually did, but it has made me stronger. I will never give them the satisfaction of watching me fail.

Be strong, Layer Cake!

Day 8 stats:

Weight: 96,8kg (-4kg loss from last week)

Neck: 41 cm (±0 from last week)
Chest: 105 cm (-6cm from last week)
Waist navel: 106cm (-4cm from last week)
Hips: 106 cm (-5cm from last week)
Gunz: 34cm (±0 from last week)
Thighs: 69 cm (+2cm from last week…WAT?)
Calves: 44cm (±0 from last week)

So -4kg and -14cm…not bad for the first week.

I’m pretty fucking sure I had calculation error on the thigh department when I took the starting measurements but what can you do anymore…my work trousers felt looser than before at friday so it’s hard to imagine that I put 2cm to the thighs. Oh well…

Here are the pictures. Different lighting, little bit different angle, bad photoshop user but better than nothing, no?

I really can see the difference only in the backshot.


and finally side…

Great work, you’ve done well, your waist is definitely shrinking.

Stay strong and fight off the cravings. They do come and go throughout the weeks, but never as strongly as the first few days when you feel like you’d sell your soul to lick a cheeseburger…

I’m transitioning now and was nervous about the HSMs everyday. But I had the same thing as you, I craved weird healthy foods and I’m able to enjoy them so much more now.

So if you stick out the 4 weeks you’ll for sure kick the fast food habit (I am a fastfood junkie too). But believe me, it takes the full 4 weeks…

Sorry I haven’t been updating but good news…still going strong!

Day #8:

NEPA: 55 mins again

Weight training 4:


Fronts squat: 4x5x50kg
Lat pulldown: 4x5x65kg
Dumbbell benchpress: 4x5x22.5kg
Ab wheel rollout: 4x5

cooldown and streching

Day #9:

NEPA: 55 minutes

  • I was at amusement park so got lots of walking that day. When I got to home brutal cravings hit me but it’s not like I’m going to fold so I fought them off.

Day #10:

NEPA: 55 minutes

Weight training 5:


Reverse DB-lunges: 5x8x17.5kg
Barbell bentover row: 5x8x65kg
Pushpress (BB): 5x8x25kg
Barbell curl: 5x8x23kg
Reverse crunches: 5x8

cooldown and streching

keep it up bro. I started the V-Diet back in May and I am havin blast. It’s not the easiest diet to stick with but it works…

[quote]metabolik99 wrote:
keep it up bro. I started the V-Diet back in May and I am havin blast. It’s not the easiest diet to stick with but it works…[/quote]

I know bro. The funny thing is, the longer this goes on the easier it becomes for me atleast.

Day #11:

NEPA: 60 minutes this time

Went to visit my workplace because had some errains to do. Immediately when I stepped there I smelled the toxic air. Our boss was holding a chocolate bar in his hands and loving every bite. Another co-worker asked If I’ve forgotten to eat on my holiday.

In the evening I went to the cinema with my friend and she actually turned out to be non-toxic people! She said she didn’t want to buy any candy for her so I wouldn’t feel bad. I had my diet soda with me so no problem, of course I told her to get something good if she wants it (hate those people btw who can eat as much of ice cream they like and it’s basically only a fat burner for them…). The movie itself sucked but the smell of popcorn was nice. Then I went to home and had my shake and was happy.

I’ve seen nightmares about falling of the wagon. I eat cheeseburgers and right then I start to feel really bad about it and then I wake up. I have that same problem usually when I’m longer than two hours without cigarettes, heh. (I see dreams about smoking cigs when I try to quit).

Day #12:

NEPA: 50 minutes

Weight training 6:


Deadlift: 3x8x80kg, 2x6x80kg, 2x4x80kg
Decline barbell benchpress: 5x8x50kg
Lat pulldown: 5x8x45
Hand walkout: 8x5

cooldown and streching

It has been raining pretty much two days in a row now (great way to spend your holiday…) but the sick puppy I am, I had to go again for my morning NEPA in to the rain with umbrella. Luckily my tracksuit has pretty good water resistance.

Lifting was nice again and can’t wait for tomorrow’s HSM (I think I’ll have salmon) and really “can’t wait” for V-burn.

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