Lauries Velocity Diet Transformation

I am ready to begin the Velocity Diet …am actually 3 days in…feeling okay except its strange not reaching for food to chew on.
neck 13
chest 41
waist at bb 32
hips at hip bone 39
thigh L upper 25
thigh L lower 22
calf 14

weight 164

height 5 ft 6

The evil step mother is on notice. You’re going to do great, keep posting and stay positive. Day 5 for me and I have to say I awoke feeling better than I have from the start. I know what you mean about not grabbing for solid food…last night I went to kitchen to make my last shake, opened the pantry and started to think about what my snack was going to be and then realized oh yea I’m here to make a shake. Hang tough cinderella.

welcome on board…normal this feeling :slight_smile: Keep going. I’m on day 3 too (2nd round of V-Diet though))

yeah, i hear ya. it’s amazing how much time we spend prepping and eating food outside of this diet. Chris’s recommendation to get a hobby is definitely a good one. I found I read a lot more, now, in the past 10 days, lol.

hey cindarella…

i see you are ready to rock this diet…
welcome on board:)

One of the first things the V-Diet teaches you is the difference between HABIT and HUNGER.

Most of us eat out of habit. It’s 12:00, lunchtime, time to eat. But we ate at 11, and yet we find ourselves looking around for food at 12… habit!

It’s helpful to remind yourself that you are very well nourished on the V-Diet, probably more nourished than with your previous normal diet - more fiber, certainly more fruits and veggies (from the Superfood), more healthy fats (Flameout and milled flax) and more protein. And you’re “eating” several times a day, every few hours.

So you’re not truly “hungry” when you’re reaching for food or zombie-staring into the fridge or pantry. You’re batting habit. And you will win.

Keep us posted!

GO you thats awesome!

Congratulations on the decision to make the journey! We are here for you.


Hang in there. I know you will do well! We are all pullng for you!

Nice job getting started! You’re gonna smoke it. Keep us posted all the time, it’s very exciting on the first week measurement day!

Hey so, let me ask you…why the name Cinderella? I ask because I’m a Cinderella fan almost to the point of obsession. I have collected more Cinderella stuff over the years since I was a kid than any normal person should admit it. So of course you stand out to me, and I HAVE to ask. I’m just curious.


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