Laura's V-Diet Log

Ok so, I started my V-Diet journey last Sunday, a day of shakes before starting the work week, and found myself by Sunday night being hit by the flu…so after being down and out this week and finally feeling like myself again today (and fighting the urge to jump back in too soon) the plan is to start as I did last week - shakes on Sunday, NEPA and then back to the gym - garage - on Monday.

Female, 55, 170, dropped 50 pounds over the past year, the last three months my weight has stayed the same basically, give or take a few. Started lifting, heavy, structured, basically the same program my husband uses (Big Beyond Belief) with few modifications, have dropped a couple of sizes so obviously body comp has changed. I believe I still have 20 pounds or so of fat to get rid of, so here comes the V-Diet program and I am so psyched to get this going!

I plan to post, it’s one of the “must-do’s” in order to get the most out of this 28-day process. If any of you care to comment, I thank you ahead of time for sharing your valuable time…but there is no mistake in why I’m doing this - this is about my expectation of myself and this program and what I see on other side of this next month.


Good luck!

Good luck! Let us know how you’re doing.

Started this past Monday, two workouts in, have followed the diet to the letter and made the mistake of getting on the scale this morning - hasn’t budged. Of course I know better considering previous results of size lost and the weight staying the same, but I have to say I really, really am expecting the scale to move down with this program. I’m very tired of seeing that 170 on the scale…stay off the scale, stay off the scale and keep the focus on the program…love the workouts btw.

The scale is very tempting… I also have a hard time not checking it every day. Anyway, keep up the good work.

I recall reading somewhere that the plank holds are for 2 reps…is this correct? Seems like being let off too easy, but it surely isn’t 40 reps…anyone know for sure, or Chris…?

First circuit yesterday kicked my butt…loved it.

Haven’t gotten on the scale again, haven’t measured…maybe this coming weekend.

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