Late Night Training


Hi Chris,

Due to my new schedule, work takes me into the night and when I get off I am usually tired and just want to go to bed. Caffeine is out because I would never get to sleep so I am thinking of maybe getting some Alpha-GPC and Power Drive to help give me a little boost. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for your time.


what about in the morning? I work until about 1230 or 1am, so I normally get up around 930-1000am and I’m in the gym in an hour.

Anyways, I would recommend caffeine-free Brain Candy, or a shot of Alpha-GPC and 1-2g of ALCAR.

Lastly, Rhodiola is a good option. It helps me perservere throughout the day in the face of both mental and physical stressors, so it can give you that extra edge at night. It shouldn’t interfere with sleep as long as it is not taken too late (does not have to be right before your workout), and it has been shown to boost exercise performance.


While <a href=""target=“new”>Power Drive doesn’t contain any caffeine, many people feel very alert for hours after using it. <a href=""target=“new”>Alpha GPC Fast-Acting Shot may be the better choice, though what you could do is use Power Drive a few hours before training, then its effects will carry over into your workout but not keep you overly alert too long afterward. <a href=""target=“new”>Brain Candy Caffeine Free would be a good choice too.


Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate your input. I will experiment a bit to see what works best for me.

Thanks again.