Late Night Training/Meal Planning


I recently joined a 24 hr gym for the fact I can lift when I get off work. I work 2nd shift 3-1130pm. So typically I would start lifting around 1230. I’m trying to adjust my diet to my new work out times and not exactly sure how I want to attack this. I usually go to sleep about 90 min’s after I am done eating.

Should I still eat my full meal which I eat it all within 90 min of my lift. My meal consist of a protien shake, 2 chicken breasts, broccili, and 3 eggs. I was told by a trainer from my old gym to just take the protien and eat my meal in the morning. I just want to make sure I’m not robbing my body out if I listened to the trainers advice. Whats your thoughts??


After hard training is a great time to get in a good meal, even at night. Go for it, as long as it doesn’t interfere with sleep. I’d get some carbs in that meal too.