Last Meal of the Day


Thought Id share my very basic, but very delicious, last meal of the day:

200g cottage cheese
35g natural peanut butter
20g chocolate protein powder

Adjust quantities to suit.

Leave in the fridge for 10-15 mins and dig in.


Pretty Classic combination

Similar to something I make if I want good solid desert like meal:

250g Quark
10g Raw Cacao
1 scoop Vanilla whey
1 spoon peanut butter
Extra chopped nuts (if wanted)
Cinnamon and Nutmeg to taste

Basically tastes awesome.


Best dessert for me so far has been almond butter pumpkin brownies:

1 cup almond butter
3/4 cup pumpkin
1 egg
1 tsp baking powder
1 scoop vanilla whey
1/2 tsp or so of vanilla extract
Almond milk - play with the amount till you like the texture of your brownie
Pumpkin spice - play with amount till you feel happy
Splenda (or other alternative) - Play with amount till you feel even more happy
*Optional - Dark chocolate - I use bakers 100% and just up the splenda a bit.

Mix all ingredients (except dark chocolate) with stick blender and pour into a buttered 8x8 or 9x9 pan (I got two at Walmart for cheap) and bake in preheated oven 350 degrees F. My oven decides to take about 25 minutes till done but I set a timer for 15 minutes, check with toothpick. Reset time for 7 minutes and check again with toothpick. Not done? Set time again for 5 minutes and should be done, let rest.

Add toppings - dark chocolate melted in almond milk. Or “Goop” as Chris calls it - next batch for me may be some Goop and walnuts if I make it to the store. But I usually bake up a pan, divide into 8 servings and eat as dessert with 2 scoops of Vanilla whey + almond milk (my version of milk). Life is good if you only eat 1 serving a day - my 6 year old daughter likes to eat this too so I won’t complain.

How to Eat:

  1. You don’t need me to tell you.
  2. Eat cold if feeling ravenous.
  3. Eat fresh from stove - not my favorite since toppings will melt/fall off.
  4. Let cool, then eat - always a tried-n-true.
  5. Store in fridge, take out and let sit till room temperature - my favorite.
  6. Store in fridge, microwave till warm - not so good since you get hot/warm edges and slightly colder middle.

I like it room temperature and dip in “milk”. Since my 9x9 pan, cut into 8 peices resembles a candy bar shape it is pretty visually pleasing. You could really do a lot with this recipe, replace almond butter with peanut if you allow…switch out pumpkin for a milder squash…you tell me?