Las Vegas V-Dieter

Hello… I’m getting ready to start my first V-Diet, compliments of my lovely sister.

Not going to lie, I’m a little nervous about this whole thing, but I know I can do it.

I’ll start late next week… the supplements have to come in first, but I’m looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard!

You may want to spend the next week reading this forum, checking out the stickies at the top, and trying out some of the workouts. That way you’ll be ready to rock late next week.

Keep us updated!

Hooray, Rugs! I’ll order everything tonight/tomorrow morning (for me, anyway). I’m so excited for you and will be cheering you on!

Love you!

Welcome! Nerves of steel, you will do it. Looking forward to seeing it happen for you!


So… life happened, but I’ve got the supplements and I’m ready to start tomorrow.

Height - 65.75in
Neck - 14in
Shoulders - 43.25in
Chest - Upper - 37.5in
Chest - Lower - 32in
Waist - at Navel - 32in
Waist - at largest - 35in
Hips - at largest -38in
Upper Arm - L - 11.75in
Upper Arm - R - 11.75in
Upper Leg - L - 21in
Upper Leg - R - 21in
Lower Leg - L - 14in
Lower Leg - R - 13in
Ankle - L - 8.5in
Ankle - R - 8.5in

I’ll weigh in tomorrow morning when I wake up, and will post pictures tomorrow.

Okay… just finished all the shakes and did the workout for Day One. Pictures will be up later, promise.

Yeah… these shakes are really, really filling and taste pretty good. Unfortunately, the recovery raspberry flavor… way, way too sweet for me.

The workout was a challenge. I think I was pretty much on target for the weight I used… 20 for the squats, 10 for the bench, and 12.5 for the row. I’m actually pretty stoked and can’t wait for Saturday and workout number two. :slight_smile:

Oh, before I forget… my weight this morning was 136.3lbs.

Cool! BTW, if I was home - you’d have to wear a sports bra that actually provides support. You could bounce and eye out with those things, little sis…

You may want to figure out how to post the pics though.

Love you!

Working on it… and it’s not like it’s easy to keep those things strapped down.

Okay, Day Two went well. Had my shakes, went for my walk with my iPod… :slight_smile: It was great.

However, I happened to dream of eating some kind of Italian breadstick with alfredo sauce. I ate one of the breadsticks before realizing I was on my v-diet and stopped eating it. I know that sounds a little strange… okay, so I know it’s strange. Still, I don’t normally dream about eating, and I guess with the way people have been eating things like pizza and fish and chips in front of me, it’s no surprise I’d end up dreaming about food.

Okay, I must go and make another shake now.

How’d the weekend go? Great, I’m sure!!

Hurt my back deadlifting, so just a reminder concentrate - a lapse can lead to injury. :frowning:

Love and miss you, little sister!

The weekend has gone super well. I ended up having my HSM on Sunday because our parents love to eat out that day. Thankfully, I did enough research online to find a meal that I could eat… and OMG, was it ever wonderful! I will never doubt the goodness of steamed veggies again!

I’m on day 5 and things are going well. I think I’m really getting into the habit of having the shakes instead of the crummy food I’d otherwise choose to eat. In fact, when I open up the fridge now, I don’t really look at what’s in it, I just grab my milled flaxseed and shut the door.

I do have school today, so I’m going to have my workout when I get out of class. I have been going to the gym later than I normally would, but I like it better… less people are there, and I hate being bothered in the middle of my workout.

I feel good… :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about your back, big sis… what’d you do wrong, exactly?

Good to hear you like steamed veggies!

I, like the total dumbass I am, just lapsed in my attention which meant I didn’t keep everything as tight as it should be and bam - strained back. Doing better just sore. Gotta baby it for a while to make sure I don’t make it worse…

Going to UFC 99 this weekend in Cologne! :slight_smile: Yeah, baby!

Tell me about the workouts…

Each workout gets better.

Other than the shoulder press, nothing’s really bothered me too much… my quads were killing me the first couple of days, but now I’m really into working on them… I don’t normally do squats or deadlifts, and now I don’t know what in the hell I was thinking.

Actually, that’s not true… I wasn’t thinking.

I’m going to increase the weight, as I’m pretty sure the weights I’m using for the lat pulldowns, dumbbell bench presses, etc… are just a little too light.

I’m really excited for tomorrow… I have my first V-burn challenge. :smiley: I’m trying to decide if I’m going to do it before or after class. Most likely before, to be honest.

On a random note, just looking around campus has made me realize there is no food on this planet that would make me break the v-diet. I kid you not.

Failure simply isn’t an option, and it’s not just because I’m terrified my sister will beat the hell out of me… I’m terrified about what will happen to me if I don’t completely change my habits now.

I have a picture up on my wall I look at every morning. It was taken at the end of my freshman year of college when I weighed 170lbs. It’s a big help with the motivation, and I never want to look like that again.

Anyways, enough rambling… it’s dinner time.

Dinner was great. Can’t wait for dessert in a bit. :slight_smile:

Good job, Rugs! Can’t wait to see the day 7 pics. If you can actually insert the pics into your post that would be da’ bomb-diggity.

love you,
big sis

I’ll work on that.

I can’t believe today is day 7. 21 more days to go (and 22 until vacation!!!).

Kirsten is already getting things set up so I can successfully get through the transition phase when I’m visiting her. She’s just as excited about me getting through this as you and I are.

Good luck you’ll look great when you finish…

Nice titties by the way!!!

Okay, I’m beat… v-burn challenge completed in 23:41.

My neck and shoulder are killing me, but I think it’s worth it. I’m sweating like you wouldn’t believe right now… but I love it. :slight_smile:

Necrondi - Thanks! :slight_smile:

Okay, it’s comparison time.

Neck: 14in - 13in
Shoulders: 43.25in - 42in
Chest Upper: 37.5in - 35.5in
Chest Lower: 32in - 29.5in
Waist at Navel: 32in - 29in
Waist at largest: 35in - 32in
Hips at largest: 38in - 38.5in
Upper Arm L: 11.75in - 11.5in
Upper Arm R: 11.75in - 11.5in
Upper Leg L: 21in - 20in
Upper Leg R: 21in - 20in
Lower Leg L: 14in - 13.5in
Lower Leg R: 13in - 13.25in
Ankle L: 8.5in - 9in
Ankle R: 8.5in - 9in

Neck: -1in
Shoulders: -1.25in
Chest Upper: -2in
Chest Lower: -2.5in
Waist at Navel: -3in
Waist at largest: -3in
Hips at largest: +.5in
Upper Arm L: -.25in
Upper Arm R: -.25in
Upper Leg L: -1in
Upper Leg R: -1in
Lower Leg L: -.5in
Lower Leg R: +.25in
Ankle L: +.5in
Ankle R: +.5in

Total inches lost after Week 1: 14in

And that’s if my math is correct.

Also, I weighed in today at 133.7 lbs. I’ve lost 2.6lbs for week 1. Not that I particularly care about the weight at this point… it’s the inches that have my full attention. :slight_smile:


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