Landwaster's V-Diet Log II


Back for another round of the V-Diet. Worked really well last time; here’s my previous log:

I did Rippetoe’s Starting Strength for 3 months and saw some really good gains on core lifts, but I also put on a ton of weight, so hence the reason I’m doing this again.


Starting pics:


Starting Pics:


I don’t know why those are sideways. Oh well.


Doing the advanced program this time. Just feeling things out today, the weights were a little light.

Barbell Row-165 Need to go up

OHS-135 squatting down to a Dynamax ball, need to go a little heavier, but my overhead stabilization sucks

Dips- w/40# DB Need to go heavier

Ab wheel
10, 5, 5


Almost forgot these:

Height- 74"
Weight- 228
Neck- 16 7/8"
Shoulders- 54"
Chest - Upper-46"
Chest - Lower-45"
Waist - at Navel-37"
Waist - at largest-37"
Hips - at largest-44"
Upper Arm - L-16 1/2"
Upper Arm - R-16 1/2"
Upper Leg - L-26 1/4"
Upper Leg - R-26 5/8"

Not doing lower leg or ankles