LAMcG's Diet Log

My husband and I have a beach vacation coming up in July and I want appreciable abs and he wants to drop weight in general. We’re in this together because these things don’t work if we’re doing two different diets. I’ve been dropping weight steadily since bulking up in December, but I’d like an extra kick for the last month. My goal is to tighten up while sparing my muscles and strength. I’m already somewhat lean so I’m not sure how much fat/water I have to lose - so no number goals for me. My 7-site calipered said 12.5% body fat but that can’t be correct. I’m probably more like 17-19%. Regardless, abs and clean up my gluteal fold area and I’ll be happy. Most of my fat is stored in my triceps, calves, and the gluteal fold.

The husband wants to lose about 10-15 pounds.

Starting Pictures

Starting Weight: 133.2
Neck: 14
Shoulders: 43
Chest (armpit/upper pec): 37
Biceps: 13.5
Hips: 36.75
Waist (true): 27.5
Waist (navel): 26
Waist (Iliac): 29
Thigh: 20.75
Calf: 14.75

I tried to post this earlier but it wouldn’t let me for some reason.

Days 1-5 update
Current weight 128.0

Good progress visually, down 5 pounds (of water) but my muscles feel very flat and I bonk at the gym pretty much instantly. It’s a struggle to get past the initial lack of energy - but once I dig a little deeper, it turns out I’m still adding or maintaining strength. Yesterday I did +35 pound weighted pullups for 3, 2+0, 2+0. I’ve done +45x1 before, but +35x3 is a PR for me. Still benching 135.

The first three days were absolutely hell, just two grouchy people being insanely grouchy at each other. Noticed that the high protein intake is extremely diuretic for me, but now that my muscles are emptied out, I’m not peeing every hour any more. It took me a couple days to find my carb sweet spot. Training days, I need ~125g/day to not be a horrible person and still train productively.

Sticking with the diet has been pretty easy, I really like the banana shakes a lot. I was already eating whole, nutrient dense foods and next to no snacks before, though. Giving up the very occasional piece of chocolate/beer wasn’t a big deal for me. The only difficulty for me adjusting my carb intake/timing.

Sleep has been terrible. I’m burning up hot all night. I don’t usually get like that unless I start training hard following a long layoff.

Husband tells me I’m sexy pretty much every five minutes now that my lower abs are getting vascular, and that’s cool. I’m seeing new definition everywhere and the gluteal fold fat has gotten loose and warm, so it’s definitely on its way out - but I miss my giant swollen delts.

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