Laissez la Velocity Diet Rouler!


Okay, lets just go with the background first. This is a log for myself and my girlfriend who doesn’t want to make her own account here.

Me: I’ve used the VDiet to go from 260-220 in the past, although a super busy final year of grad school, with lots of traveling and the tiniest kitchen I’ve ever had (too small for a slow cooker that could make more than 2 meals at a time…), and when I finally had free time, I got the call that I got a job and had to start selling stuff and, with 2 weeks to spare, my kitchen stuff sold faster than the bar I built! Anyway, I went back from 220-260 from last July-February and now that I’m settled in New Orleans, it’s time to get serious!

Her: She has your typical girl problems with weight, and I’ve convinced her to give this diet a shot and with both of us doing it at the same time, there won’t be food in the house and we’ll be able to support each other. This is also really her first time in the gym. I’ve spent the last 2-3 weeks teaching her the basics and have gone through week 1 of the beginner workout already so that she really knows what’s coming. I’ll be doing the basic workout with her in order to help reinforce it, and there’s never a bad time to do a lower-weight form check for a bit.

The current stats:

Me (inch/lb):
Chest - Upper…46.25
Chest - Lower…43
Waist - at Navel…44.5
Waist - at largest…46
Hips - at largest…48
Upper Arm - L…14.75
Upper Arm - R…14.5
Upper Leg - L…22.75
Upper Leg - R…23
Lower Leg - L…16.5
Lower Leg - R…16.25
Ankle - L…10.5
Ankle - R…10.25

Her (inch/lb):
Chest - Upper…45
Chest - Lower…39
Waist - at Navel…43.25
Waist - at largest…44
Hips - at largest…43
Upper Arm - L…12
Upper Arm - R…12
Upper Leg - L…21.25
Upper Leg - R…21
Lower Leg - L…14.75
Lower Leg - R…14.5
Ankle - L…9
Ankle - R…9.5


The goods…


So, Day #3 is almost down. We’re on our last 2 shakes (although we’ve had to skip our shake #4 the last two days while getting acclimated due to being too full and a little nauseous. We’re about to go out to a dance class for some NEPA, and who knows after that for the night.

In the meantime, I have officially made the greatest discovery ever that I kinda stole a little bit of from Chris way back when: Protein Latte. At work I threw some coffee in my blender bottle, let it cool while I was in a meeting, and then topped it off with some vanilla and chocolate protein powder and some ice and damn it was good… I had to get more peanut butter, so I picked up some instant coffee (JUST coffee) too and I’m gonna roll that out mid-day to keep my energy up and to get some extra thermic activity going.

I can’t remember if this time around the diet is easier than it was before, but having someone to help comes in handy. The girlfriend isn’t having the same nausea problems anymore, and noticed that one of her favorite shirts fits better only 3 days in! So yeah, she’s kinda sold on it now… She’s already asking about planning our meal on Saturday though…