Laddie's V-Diet Round 2

Hey everybody.

Day one on the V-Diet, Thought if I keep a blog it will:
a) Keep me motivated to stay on the V-Diet
b) give me something to do… free time makes my mind wander
c) Give me a reason to read up on the forum and get into the whole V-Diet hype :stuck_out_tongue:

So here is my story. I used to weigh in at 315lbs. Over a year or so I dropped to 265. I started on the V-Diet (2.0) and got down to 230, over a few years my weight gradually ran up to 275. Ive been very active the last 8 months and am down to 245.

Two weeks ago my partner at work was talking about getting back into shape.I told him about the V-Diet and he got pretty psyched… Well he talked me into it and here I am… 245 and day 1, I have a goal weight of 220 for the V-Diet but as long as I drop under 230 Ill be excited… I know the diet and exercise routine well and know what im in for.

So thats about it…

Ill write back tomorrow.

Cheers… Im off for my last shake

Good luck to you…I’m starting my round 2 in 3 weeks!!! :slight_smile:

Cool. Keep us posted!

Day two is nearing a close… Ive got 2 more hours of work then go home, fire up the blender and drink away my last shake… MMM peanut butter, it actually is something good to look forward to at the end of the day :smiley:

As far as progress goes, I got up at 0700, hit the gym for 30 min on the elliptical and got my HR up. I developed a slight bout of nausea around 0930 but was gone within 45 min. The rest of the day was not too bad. No hunger one food craving when my partner was eating Pizza in the ambulance 2 feet away from me! mmm I do like pizza but not as much as I want to be in shape! I know its too soon but I kinda feel like Im loosing some gut (might just be my mind but I’ll take it)

Tomorrow am will come early, get up 0630, drink a 1/2 shake then off to the gym for weight training… IM a little pensive to see how well Ill be able to life giving that I’ll be a little light on the calories… Once done lifting, I’ll nepa it up until 0800 then back in for another 12 hrs. Rest assured I’ll be posting back again soon…

G’night all… and to my fellow V-Dieters, Thats one more day in the bag!!! Good-on-ya!

Hey Laddie…
I love the chocolate peanut butter shake. That was my favorite one (Vdiet or not)…How come you are climbing on the elliptic during your V-Diet???

Good night :slight_smile:

Using the elliptical for my NEPA… just moving not busting a gut… I like the motion

is that a big no-no?

Here are my pics… Hard to believe Im 245, wish I had b4 pics from when I was 315


Keep it rolling!!! It’s not bad at all. Just follow the plan

Are you doing the 3.0 version & workout?

Indeed Im am doing the 3.0 version…

Today, Im exhausted! Not sure if it was getting up at 0630 or doing Weights first thing in the am, after the weights i did 30 min NEPA after too.

Im just kinda physically spent

As far as the diet goes, I did get a little hungry as I had to go an extra hour until shake time (was on a long call)

Other good news…

I decided what with the HOT-ROX I should go ahead and get an EKG… All good in the hood! Wasnt having and cardiac related issues but hey, I can run n read it so why not? resting HR 93 w/ HOT-ROX). No abnormalities… Ill run another at the end just for kicks…

Ok seriously… I need to get a life and get off of T-Nation for a bit

I was readint the other topics at the top and wanted to set my goals up so I have a defined goal…

Short term goal:
Ditch as much weight as possible during V-Diet.

Next Goal:
Following trans period… Hit another program with… Defined abs by June! Lofty for sure… But I can do it… Im of the mindset that I can do anything I put my mind to, so aim high!

Hahahaha Im going to be reading a lot of T-Nation

Bad day today… really tough but getting better now.

For whatever reason the “this is silly” trolls were wreaking havoc in me today… My brain was really testing my resolve… Tomorrow is a new day and I know Ill get through today, Got in some am NEPA again so I was feeling good…

At least im off for 4 days starting 9 pm tonight and nhave a bunch of kayaking in the schedule (my VD motivation is to be a better kayaker)… Still had the am nausea, Does this ever get better? I dont remember the nausea last time…

Well Im off to do something productive, or maybe just read some success stories (one guy has lost 20 lbs so far, only at week 2, pretty inspiring)

That nausea sucks bro! Are you taking the HOT-ROX on an empty stomach? Maybe mix it with your shake instead.

Tried all options… still looking for the source. Im thinking that my body is just used to a big breakfast… was hitting the atkins diet to maintain weight, so that could be the culpret

Might contact an MD friend and get some Pherergan Rx if it doesnt let up…

I really appreciate all the posts up on here, keeping me on track and motivated…

Hey Laddie,

You may have tried this as well, but it worked for me, and several others, so if you haven’t tried it yet, give it a shot :slight_smile:

Cut back to 1 HOT-ROX twice a day, and be sure to take it mid-shake. In other words, drink half your shake, then take the HOT-ROX, then drink the other half. Chris suggested that I try it when I was having MEGA naseau probems in teh first week, and it worked like a champ :slight_smile:

I was back up to full-stregnth HOT-ROX by the middle of week 2.

Wow, I need to try that then. I’ve been on the verge of calling it because I’ve had extreme nauseau all day long. Almost vommit every time I drink a shake.

Early weights, a few shakes 70 deg sunny and 2 laps on Wilson Creek made for a great day… I love kayaking and it has really helped me get through the day… I get on the water and forget about everything…

Also “NO” nausea today!!! dont know what it was but I feel good.

I was a little weak at the end of my first lap on the river, there are about 50 stairs to climb up to the road and I was winded at the top… could really tell the lack of nutrition kicking in, drank a shake then took of for a second lap… styled my lines, shot some good video and flew up the stairs at the end.

Im pretty tired now, but totally relaxed… i think I might actually sleep well tonight…

back out for more boating tomorrow… Im excited and no trips to the gym for NEPA…

Week 2 pics, Dunno, I dont see too big of a change but I can notice more from a profile

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