L-Leucine and Superfood

Hi Chris,
I live in Italy and nothing from Biotest is allowed :frowning:
anyway during my last trip in Us I managed to get all from Biotest except Superfood and L-Leucine and I checked with custom … no way I can import
so 2 brief questions :

1 I will take L-Leucine in caps, the ones I find here… how much, how many times and when ?
2 can I substitute Superfood with a mixed green berry formula ?

thanks so much for Ur help, i should start next monday or the following, depending on my travel schedule !!!
Take care

The earlier versions of the V-Diet did not contain L-Leucine or Superfood at all. While we do think these make the diet much better when it comes to muscle retension and health, you CAN have a successful V-Diet without them.

Since I don’t know much about the versions of those products you have over there, I can’t make any recommendations except that as long as the L-Leucine is pure, it should be fine. Not sure about dosage though. Just make sure the green product doesn’t have a lot of calories if you choose to use it.

Thanks so much Chris !!!

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