L-bomb's Workout Log


I’ve had a log in the Indigo section for a while, but since that doesn’t have a good direct link anymore and I’m also a MicroPA user, going to move over here and start posting again.

I’m a strength and conditioning coach at the university of nebraska, and I currently powerlift. I will be going to USAPL raw nationals in october for my final meet. Going to log my final weeks of training here before switching gears to training more similar to the performance work we use to train our athletes.

Monday 9/7
Squat 3x215/245/275
Bench 3x110/125/140

Tuesday 9/8
Deadlift 3x295/330/370
deficit deadlift 5x5, 305
speed reps 5x2, 305

Plan for today and friday:
Today - squat 5x5, 245

Friday - lunges 3x5, 1 min rest, then tons of arms


Monday 9/14
squat 5x230, 3x260, 1x290 (belt)
bench 5x115, 3x130, 1x150

Tuesday 9/15
deadlift 5x305, 3x350, 2x390 (belt)
deficits 5x3, 305
speed 2x2, 305 (ran out of time to get all 5 sets)

Thursday 9/17
squat 5x2, 275 (belt)

Friday 9/18
bench 3x1 (135) 1x145
lunges 3x5, 1 min rest
triceps, triceps, triceps and more triceps


Monday 9/21:
squat 5x205/235/265 (last set belted) - last set felt solid…not easy by any stretch, but I wasn’t worried about coming back up my last two of reps.
bench 5x105/120, 135x4 (all paused). I need to start putting chalk on my shoulders so that I don’t slide down the bench when I really need the leg drive on heavier weights. I started sliding on my 3rd rep, and had to lift my butt up on the 4th because I moved so far down the bench. I also need to remember to bring my wrist wraps next time I bench and start practicing with those on.

Tuesday 9/22:
plan for today is deadlift 5x275/315/355, deficts 5x3 (345), speed/tech 5x1 (315)

Next couple of weeks will be big indicators of what kind of weights I have a shot at at nationals. I’ve already got my openers and ideal second attempts picked out for the most part, but need to figure out if I’ve got 5-10lbs of wiggle room anywhere. Goals all along for this meet have been 308-319 for squat, 154-165 on bench and 413-424 with deadlift. That puts my total anywhere from 875-908. All that’s left to do now is stay consistent with training and put it all together come meet day.


Moving this log over to powerful women - decided this doesn’t really fit a discussion/product forum.