KZ's Log

I just started the V-Diet today…first time. I currently weigh 185 lbs at 23 years of age. I wanted to start it on Monday but I was still recovering from eating bad food so I decided to eat bland foods such as pretzels and bread to settle my stomach better. Also I was a bit scared on not being able to focus on school (I’m a photo student and I need to focus in my last year).

As I write this I’m downing the mid afternoon shake. The morning shake was too bad. The fish oil pills I think is what killing me since I’ve been burping it up in class this morning.

I have a few questions starting off. One is when do I take the Hot-Rod Extreme? I dont see it listed in the diet plan.
Also when it says one serving of Milled Flax seed what exactly is one serving? I wasnt sure so I just went with one tablespoon.

Sorry if this post isnt up to standards. This is my first one.


Felt like I was going to pass out all day today.

I found out that I forgot my lunch time shake with the crazyness of classes.

I’m debating if I should skip the lunch and go on to the dinner since its almost 7:30PM now.

Hi mate.
The first couple of days were hardest for me.
I’d stopped having coffee and sugar drinks, so I had pretty bad headaches.
Making sure you have all the shakes at the right times is important, but I know myself how hard it is to keep on schedule until it becomes habit.

As for the Milled Flax Seed question, I think I read somewhere that it’s 2 tablespoons for a serving.
But I could be wrong, so I’ll let Chris or someone else clear that up.

If you haven’t already done so, try taking some measurements and photos of yourself.
Post them up for accountability, and it’ll also help you keep focused on the goal.

Good luck with your studies dude.

Eating bread and pretzels to prepare for a diet? Wow. Um, don’t do that in the future, okay?

1 serving of milled flax is typically two tablespoons.

Follow label directions on HOT-ROX.

Following the diet and actually doing it right will help with the “about to pass out” feeling. If all else fails, follow the plan. Crazy, I know.

Set an alarm on your watch to make sure you don’t miss shakes. If you don’t have a watch that can do that, go buy one. As everyone says, success rate is massively elevated by compliance with the program. Don’t modify it and do whatever it takes to prompt you to follow it strictly for the few days it takes to get into the rhythm. Your body will soon start telling you that it’s time for the next shape as it adapts.

23 pounds of fat the first V-diet for me. I did it again to reset my body after trying to gain some muscle and being unhappy with where I ended and trimmed 13 ending up at 6.8% bodyfat.

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