Kuwait Deadlift. BW -17lbs 3wks


I’ve done the V-Diet a few times. But this time, I’ve lost 17lbs in 3 weeks. I’m on my last week until I begin the last 2-week phase. Yesterday, the military unit in Kuwait roasted a pig. So I figured I’d increase my appetite by doing some heavy Deads. So I worked my way up from 225 up to 505lbs.

This picture is 505lbs, I failed, but I attempted.

I did DL a clean 475lbs though and felt amazing. I just wanted you all to know that the V-Diet has helped me curb my appettite, and got me stronger. Or, I had this strength the whole time and was maintaining my muscle mass while getting rid of fat. Amazing how it works right?

Also, this picture was taken at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. 24 Nov 2012

Thanks Chris. This Diet is amazing!


Sir, you are a bonafied badass, nice work!


[quote]corstijeir wrote:
Sir, you are a bonafied badass, nice work![/quote]

Thank you!