Kubiks V-Diet....Stoked!

Hey all. Recently started the V-Diet, on thursday, which makes this the end of the third day, I’m just about to get some much needed z’s, but thought I’d post on here quick an say whats up! Gotta stay motivated!

Anyway, my deal, last april-june I ate very well, the whole like, trimmed down to my best shape, did the vdiet at the end of it, and got my heart broken, and that sense of not having that broad as motivation caused me to fall off…hard. 20 pounds in three weeks, just being a fatass, I was still decently trim, but most of the weight stuck on as, you guessed it, fat.

I stayed around that range until I moved to a ski resort in december, where I’d work for the winter. As soon as all the aussies there got me hooked on the sauce again, I quit caring about what I ate, because, you know, that mentality of not following my diet 100% caused me to scratch it and decide that, okay, well after the weekend, i’ll get back on track.

Moved away in may, and dropped a few lbs before june, was looking pretty good. Then some shit happened w/ my family, and my binge eating turned into something awful and ugly. Driving around at night from one fast food establishment to the next, till i pretty much felt sick.

This would happen two days in a row, then I’d train hard and eat right for 5, then the same cycle would repeat. Thats continued up until thursday, as hard as that is for me to say. I just turned 20, and I’m sick of this being an issue!! So…

Chris I’d like to offer my thanks to you for offering this program, I’ve seen its results before, but this time I won’t let myself down, and everyone on here that chooses to support me, cause it does mean alot!

The last 10 days of this program I’m going to be back up at the ski resort, and after I finish it, yeah, I’ll probably go out for some drinks, because I’m 20, but what I won’t let happen is let myself down, and fuel my body with absolute crap. Need to take responsibility for my actions sooner or later, and that times come. I actually was going to wait until january to start, but I made my order, and first day it got here I started.

So measurements

V-Diet measurements
day 2
height 6’0
weight 194.5
neck 14.75
shoulders 47.5
upper chest 39.75
lower chest 38.5
waist at navel 35.5
waist at largest 36.5
hips at largest 35.5
upper arm 13.375
uper leg 25
lower leg 16.5
ankle 9
upper arm 13.5
upper leg 25
lower leg 16
ankle 9

took a few pics, want to upload them next friday when I got some comparisons

That was on the second day, I ate alot of carbs the day before I started, and thought it might be a lil better to get my body back to what would be a more normal state when I’m eating correctly (that being the morning of the second day, after a day of eating, well, shakes, doubt the glycogen was way gone by then, but whatever, thats when it was taken)

I’m also following the advanced program. Along with that, I run the high school guys volleyball program at the school that I attended, so gettin lotsa NEPA running drills for them and the like, and still keeping up with the walks.

But thats all for now, time to get some sleep! You’ll hear from me shortly.

Kubik here from the end of Day 6. just did the vburn, took me 30 minutes even. Riiiidiculous, fun, but I can’t wait for next week to slaughter that time.

I’m doing the advanced program which I may have mentioned, on the 3rd workout the weight used was 155, 155, Bodyweight, and 115
On the 2nd weight was Bodyweight, 55 db, 115, 70, bodyweight
1st one was 155, instead of overhead did front squat w 155, 35 and bodyweight.

But things have been going well. When you have an empty stomach, man does HOT-ROX juice the hell outta ya!! I’ve haven’t been this excited for a healthy meal in a long time! Having a sit down meal w/ the parents and a few siblings at my parents house. BBQ chicken breasts (2), grilled broccoli and asparagus, small baked sweet potato, and baby spinach salad w/ olive oil and a bit of raspberry vinigrette, and for dessert some blueberries. Jacked on it, even more jacked to take some more shots come friday, and start making my lil transformation collage, as well as get the measurments posted up on here.

At volleyball practice I’ve been taking it easier, not running w/ them an stuff for the last two weeks, but when I went up to hit I already noticed I could jump a bit higher, I haven’t been able to hit like that in a few years.

Anyway, you will all hear from me again friday!!

Had my HSM an hour or two ago, it was deeeeeeeeelicious!

Ran volleyball practice, we have zones (Canada, for those in the states it might be called regionals) this weekend, so preparing them for it, we have one more prac tomorrow, so today was alot of hitting. I’ve dropped maybe 7-8 pounds so far, which I assume most is water, but who do I care, as long as some of that is fat I’m pumped. Anyway, hitting practice today, I haven’t ever hit that hard. I know I said yesterday that I was hitting great, but the kids noticed a huge difference, asking me what I’ve been up to and what not, and whether or not I’m on steroids :slight_smile: which I take as a compliment.

Other then that, this is a bit of an accomplishment for me, first week in a long time that I’ve stuck to a program, and now that I’m here theres no doubt in my mind that I’ll carry this through all the way, can’t wait to take me some more measurements!


Measurements done yesterday morning

day 9

weight 186.3
neck 14.75
shoulders 46.5
upper chest 39.125
lower chest 37.5
waist at navel 34.25
waist at largest 35 7/8
hips at largest 34.375

Todays day 10. Gotta grind it out, havin a tough time not thinking about food, which really bothers me. How’d I ever let myself get addicted to it? Diet pop=horrible idea, had a diet pepsi a lil while ago, that was a mistake, been thinking of eats ever since! Ah well, just gonna put my head down and hammer through the rest of the day

Heres a pretty good shot, first one is taken on day 2, second on day 9. Reason being, I pigged out the day before I started so I took pics on day 2 since thats probably what I’d look like on a day to day basis. The front shots aren’t really showing alot of difference yet, but jeans that were pretty snug last week are loose on my thighs now which I’m pumped about!

Did and didn’t do NEPA yesterday, I was coaching all day, so rallying with kids and stuff, hitting balls at them, ect, but we lost a tight one in the final (shoulda won, choked), and I, by the time I got home, hoppin on the tmill and pumping out 30 minutes woulda pushed me over the edge.

However, because we did win provincials last year, our zone gets to take two teams, so we’re still going, which is great, can’t wait to get up there. The down part, is that it screws up my schedule a little bit, I’m on the teams schedule, so we get to the school on wednesday and will be there until saturday night (I’ll get home late late friday if we don’t make the semis) Thursday theres a banquet for all the teams and the coaches get awards and such, so thats going to be my HSM. They usually have a pretty good spread, if its things I shouldn’t be eating anyway I’ll just say I’m not hungry and grab a shake back at the hotel, since I’ll have my trusty 16 buck blender w/ me!

Since my workout days are thursday, saturday, and monday I’m trying to plot out what I’m going to do thursday when I’m there, since theres absolutely no chance of me leaving the school to workout, since A) I don’t have time, and B) I’m not allowed. So heres what I’ve come up with. Tomorrow (monday) I do my workout, as scheduled, and I move thursdays workout to wednesday. Moving either the Vburn to thursday or friday. Another option is doing the vburn monday or tuesday. Any thoughts? Don’t try and give me ‘you can leave for just one hour, can’t you?’ Since I’m 20 the schools insurance won’t cover me driving around, I won’t have a vehicle with me, and the place we’re going is so small I doubt theyd have a gym anyway.

So would that be okay? doing week 3’s first workout on wednesday, doing vburn on thursday or friday for week 2, then on saturday or sunday (depending on how we do) do the second workout from week 3, and getting back on schedule then? Not ideal, I know, but odds are thats the way its going to work regardless, since us going to volleyball provincials is a pretty big deal where I’m from.

Then on the 30th, I move up to the ski hill to work for the winter, which is where my will is really going to be tested, I’ve got a few buddies up there who’re supporting me, so I’m not fretting.

Anyway, I’ll be MIA for a few days because of provincials, wish me luck w/ the program, and wish my team luck in the tournament!

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