Krist V-Diet Log

1/25/10 - day one- Measurements

Height- 5ft 5 1/2
Weight- 145
Neck- 13.2
Shoulders- 43
Chest - Upper- 38 1/2
Chest - Lower- 32 1/2
Waist - at Navel- 31
Waist - at largest- 34
Hips - at largest- 38 1/2
Upper Arm - L- 10 1/2
Upper Arm - R- 10 1/2
Upper Leg - L- 22 1/2
Upper Leg - R- 22 1/2
Lower Leg - L- 14 3/8
Lower Leg - R- 14 3/8
Ankle - L- 8 1/2
Ankle - R- 8 1/2

another before pic- side view

yeah i know…pretty chunky. lol!

before pic- back view

I am a beginner at weight training, so i will try my best!

Day 1- NEPA walk 3 miles
meal 1-shake w/ Flameout, meal 2- shake w/ Flameout, meal 3- shake w/ Flameout, meal 4- shake Flameout.
I didn’t have time to work out, I know it is a bad way to start. I’ll pick it up!
i did get in 10mins of cardio, push ups, jumping jacks…

Day 2- NEPA walk 3 miles
meal 1-shake w/ Flameout, meal 2- shake w/ Flameout, meal 3- shake w/ Flameout, meal 4- shake Flameout. 1 HOT-ROX pill today, I want to ease into it.

workout- day 1
dumbbell squat- (w/ kettlebell, behind head) 23lbs, 10/10/10/10
dumbbell bench press- (w/ kettlebell, bell up) 23lbs, 10/10/10/10
bent-over row- (w/ kettlebell) 23lbs, 10L/10R/10L/10R/10L/10R/10L/10R
Plank hold- 1:25, 1:05, :50
Kettlebell Swings- 18lbs, 50/50
roll ups w/ kettlebell- 18lbs, 15
jumping jacks- no weight, 25/25
5lbs, 50

I didn’t take a 45sec rest between any of the sets/reps

I am going to get a heavier kettlebell, but i still found it challenging by putting it behind my head or bell up.

also on day 2 i had a Surge drink after workout. :slight_smile:

I am on my second round of the V-Diet and had a very successful first round. I have a suggestion about your workout set up. It appears that you are using way too little weight. Three things tell me this.

First, you didn’t rest. If you didn’t rest, then you weren’t tired enough. You should be using a weight and intensity that you beg for those 45 seconds. It feels good later on, trust me. The whole point of the weight training is to get your heart rate up. To do that you need to be moving weight that is challenging, rapidly.

Second, every set was exactly 10 reps. The program is designed that it will take you many sets to get you to your 40 reps. So, you should be lifting a weight that you can barely get 10 reps in on the first set. After only 45 seconds of rest, you won’t likely be able to get another 10 reps, maybe only 9 or 8. Then the third set will likely be less, since you are more tired, etc. Again, the point is to really get that heart going and make you sweat.

Third, you had energy to do “extra” stuff. Your exercises are well and good, but you should be just exhausted after doing all your reps for the exercises in the program. You shouldn’t have energy left to do anything else. This also applies to doing the db squat with the weight behind your head. Really, the mechanics of the exercise focus on the lower body, not your arms/shoulders. Use a heavier weight that you can only keep in front of you, and you’ll really feel the burn!

Focus on intensity for the V-Diet Training workouts, and you’ll be fine. GREAT JOB on the NEPA!

Good luck!

Thanks for the advice! I just don’t how heavy of weights to get. i got a 25 lb kettlebell, i’ll try that.

The training program changes over time, and you will likely get stronger as you go. Do you have access to a gym? If you look around you can usually find a fairly cheap gym membership. I personally only do month-to-month, but a Bally’s can be cheap if you’re willing to get locked into a contract for a year or two.

Other alternatives: your local rec-center (usually around $5 a session) or a local college gym. College gyms are usually pretty well equipped. Another option is the local YMCA/YWCA.

Any of the above alternatives are cheaper than buying kettlebells as you go (though kettlebells are a lot of fun!).

What you’re looking for is a variety of dumbells, barbells, and cable machines to do the workouts. Look at the training example videos to see what sort of things you should be looking for in a gym.

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