Kre Alkalyn vs. Monohydrate-- CREATINE


I’ve been using Kre Alkalyn creatine because I heard it was more efficient and had none of the side effects of regular monohydrate. What is your experience with this and what would u recommend? As I’ve mentioned before I’m a football player currently 160 and trying to gain weight while trying to maintain some explosiveness. Gimme your thoughts and would you possibly recommend malate as opposed to the other two? Thanks Chris looking forward to your response.

People overthink creatine. It works, it’s always worked, it’s inexpensive (or at least it should be) and companies have spent a lot of time trying to fancy it up and add things to it that aren’t needed in order to charge more for it or make it “special”. <a href=""target=“new”>Creatine Monohydrate or <a href=""target=“new”>Creatine Malate, at the highest quality possible, should cost you about 22 cents a serving. Some supplement companies have claimed to have made creatine magically better. In reality it MIGHT be .0001% “better” but what you’re actually paying for are their ads in bodybuilding magazines and booths at shows.

That rant aside, malate doesn’t need to be loaded and those that don’t respond to good ol’ monohydrate, or get bloated from it, usually do better with malate. Malate may also lead to great work capacity effects. They cost is about the same, at least from Biotest, and the quality can’t be beat. Choose one of those and you’re good to go.

I know you don’t need any more responses after the above, but just fyi, when you synthesize creatine you get monohydrate, period. Creatine is the most studied supplement there is (more than even protein). We know it works. When they make it into “kre-alkalyn” all they do is screw with it and add a couple things. The end result being a product which studies indicate is actually less effective than just plain old monohydrate and costs about 10x as much. Don’t be fooled.

I can only offer anecdotal evidence but everyone I’ve ever recommended Kre Alkalyn to has noticed much better strength gains, more pump and less bloat than with regular monohydrate. I personally love it.

I have had great results with Creatine malate without some of the side effects some people report they experience like bloating, gas, and diarrhea.

KA is a tier above in my opinion.

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