Knutes101 Starting the V-Diet

I will get my measurements and photos up later today, but I wanted to make sure that I put my flag in the sand for all to see: yesterday I started Velocity. I am in very good shape from running and and training for MMA, but I want to lose the the small gut that I have and get ripped.

I usually run greater than 20 miles per week at a minimum and am a bit worried that I will lose a lot of my endurance and speed, but it will be worth it in 30 days. I can always get back on the road when I am done with the diet. I have a 200 mile relay race that I need to be in top form for in August, so this is as late a start for the V-Diet as I could go.

I blew it out on Monday with an epic Easter brunch and now it is time to get lean and mean.

I am a father of three great kids, have a wife who looks like a supermodel even after the 3 kids and I am not willing to be anything less than exceptional in return. Seriously, she is back to washboard after about a month postpartum. What a lady!

Yesterday was easy with the food although the leucine arrives today so I started without it. I have been replacing a meal of two for a few weeks to get ready so the shakes just seem natural now.

The workout seems almost too light thus far, but I trust the folks at T-Nation.

I will keep everyone posted with my progress.

Glad to have you here!

Yes, no worries about the endurance. It’s only 28 days of no running, and besides, done correctly, the weight training workouts should kick your butt given the rest periods and progressions. And you’ll be amazed at how running performance improves when you drop the excess fat, even if you’re not training running at the time.

Add weight if it feels light. Most people are only getting 1 or 2 reps their last set as they reach their target rep number for that exercise. The scientific term is “shit-a-kidney intensity.” Really, I have a lab coat and everything, therefore I can make up sciency stuff.

Keep us posted!

Shug, I can handle the lack of endurance if I look better. I am a vain dude, it is for sure, so looking tight beats sub-6 minute miles any day!

As for the 'shit-a-kidney" intensity, I will be sure to ramp it up tomorrow. I think I read a white-paper about that somewhere. It is all the rage in Germany these days.

Although I was really pushing myself yesterday, I was more referring to the proposition that 4 exercises seemed too few. Just a perception, I guess.

So pleased to be off to the races and very honored that I get a welcome from you.

Here are photos and my measurements.


Height 6’3
Weight Will have tomorrow. Had scale issues today (usually about 200 to 205
Neck 16.5
Shoulders 49
Chest - Upper 43
Chest - Lower 41.5
Waist - at Navel 38
Waist - at largest 38
Hips - at largest 37
Upper Arm - L 13
Upper Arm - R 13
Upper Leg - L 24.25
Upper Leg - R 24
Lower Leg - L 16
Lower Leg - R 15.75
Ankle - L 9
Ankle - R 9

Side view

And now for my cute butt.

Monday Workout

Front Squats: 95lbs (2 25lbs weights) 5, 5, 5, 5
Lat Pull down 130lbs 5, 5, 5, 6
Dumbbell press 52.5 6, 5, 4, 3
Ab wheel rollout on knees 5, 5, 5, 5

My hip flexors hurt during the front squat but they have been a bit sore as of late.
Lat pull downs were a bit weak as I was unsure of what weight to use. I need to pull harder
Dumbbells felt taxed. I need to go up to at least 55 lbs next time to push the limit.
Ab roll out felt good. I will try to get some in off my feet next time.

Cute butt! grin

Nice starting base, should be looking awesome by the time it’s all said and done. Welcome to the V-Diet :wink:


Wednesday workout:

Reverse Lunnge 7, 6, 5, 4 (70 lbs) I had too much weight to begin with.
Bent Over Row 12, 12, 10, 8 (60 lbs)
Push Press 12, 8, 8, 8, 4 (65lbs)
Barbell Curl 10, 10, 8, 7, 5 (55lbs)
Reverse Crunch 20, 15, 5

Reverse Lunges…HATE these. I felt very wobbly and weak. What is more, I needed a bit less weight. It did the trick, but yuck.
Push press: I think that I did these more like a standing military press. I need to use more legs next time.
I need to add abit more weight on the Bent over rows

This morning, I am craving a fat, juicy cheeseburger. I am craving pizza. I am craving real food…oh well. I had another shake and am getting back to work.

Nice work man. Hide the cravings inside!

Lunges are usually a pain for most people, but they must be done. Keep up the intensity.

Btw those briefs are bad ass.

Green chili cheese burger is not far off! Looking forward to seeing your progress!

laujik, you too can own a kicking set of undies…I upgraded from boring white to a full array of badass options compliments of H&M.

Thanks for the encouragement.

Third workout today was really good. I felt strong and made sure that I had a shake about an hour before I lifted.

Dealifts: 125 lbs 10, 10, 10, 10
Incline 70 lbs (35/side) 10, 10, 10, 10
Lat Pull 100lbs 10, 10, 8, 7, 5
Walk outs. 10, 5 on my feet. 15, 10 on my knees.

I feel like I am still getting the weights right for the excercises. I either go too heavy or too light. I know that a week’s worth in so that I can get a better measure for future work. Usually I do a lot of stuff like dips, push ups, jump ups, etc so I am not using as much weight as I am trying to work on functional training that taxes muscle and endurance. Since I try to roll MMA, it has been the best thing that keeps me from getting gassed on the mat and able to roll.

Because of all this, I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s training.


That burger looks so delicious. Argh…

I wonder if I can make a buffalo burger with green chili for my Sunday HSM? That would be so good. Seriously, some baked sweet potatos and some buffalo sounds brilliant.

Hey Knutes! Looks like all of my questions have been answered by reading your log!

You don’t have much fat to lose, but will be lookin’ smokin’ by the end of this! I bet you lose a lot of fat off of your sides and your abs, although, I don’t seem much of a pouch from your side view. Are you sucking in? kidding.

The cravings will pass, trust me! You look so forward to that HSM the first week, then after that your cravings for real food just sort’ve go downhill. You can be near anything, and it doesn’t even phase you. I’m done tomorrow, and I think I could go another month at this if I had to. Kind’ve wish I could actually, but I don’t want to waste away the 'ol metabolism! That would not be a good thing! And I can’t believe somebody posted food porn on your log! How not cool!

Keep your head down, you can do this! I’m excited to see how your physique reacts to the diet. I know it’s gonna be a sight to see, and your wife will thank you! :wink:

I happen to like the underwear, lol. It look refreshingly summery.

I also like the burger, it looks refreshingly delicious. And you can most definately make it for your HSM on Sunday. Take pictures and make my mouth water!

[quote]Bead wrote:
Green chili cheese burger is not far off! Looking forward to seeing your progress! [/quote]

Aaaaarrghhh, that Cheese Burger is Brutal!!

What’s up KNUTES? Looks like you don’t have much to lose, but I definitely understand your goals.

MMA huh? Nice! What club are you training with? I did H.S. Wrestling, 4 years of boxing, and 2 years ago I started BJJ. I was 215 though and extremely inflexible. My wrestling background definitely kept me from getting choked out though, even with my Gi (I hate that thing) haha. I have been out of it for a while now though and wouldn’t mind getting back into it. N.M. is a great HUB for fighters, a lot of good ones coming out of there these days. I was Born and raised in Cali, but I come from an old Spanish Family from Trujillo N.M.(30 clicks east of Las Vegas). We have property and a Ranch out there where my parents are retired.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing your updates! Good luck! Let me know if you have any fights coming up, amateur or otherwise!

Today is my HSM! My parents have asked me specifics for the meal and the whole family is going to join me in a buffalo burger, broccoli, baked sweet potato fries and a nice balsamic vinaigrette salad. My boys think it is really funny the "daddy’ cannot eat anything. They literally have named about every food known to them and ask if I can eat that.

“Ok, Dad, Dad, uhhhhhh, can you eat strawberries in your shake?” “no son, just the powders.” “Right, ok, Dad, Dad, how about hot dogs, how about a hot dog?” “no, son sorry, not those either”. And so on and so forth. Yesterday, when we went to Costco, they were both telling me how incredible the Costco dogs were…little monkeys will pay for this one day.

firmgrrrl, thanks for the thoughts. I have really passed any real physical cravigs, I just have mental ones now. My head knows that I cannot have and therefore it wants. As for my bride, she will love the results. She kicks ass. Fit, smart, funny, etc. Knutes101 lucked out!

Polsen, I will have a nice collage of the meal from tonight. I am actually looking forward to taking the photos.

And finally, Dpac, Mr. New Mexico. I am totally familiar with where you are from. I know New Mexico very well. As for my MMA, I roll at Jacksons…however, let me disabuse anyone from thinking that I at that level. I love the guys over there and it is a great environment to learn, get better and have a great time. All the super-bad-ass guys over there totally tolerate me and we have a great time. And thanks for the nice words about not much to lose. I just want to look ripped. That is all. Better to get on that track now, than always think and never do.

And finally as for fights, I would love to bang in a fight, but with family (3 kids) an exciting business (I am self employed) and al of life’s other issues, the training would be tough to do right now. I still have time to make this one happen…

HSM Esta Noche!

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