KK's Log

Hello V-Dieters,

My name is Kory, I am a 22 year old male. I let myself get out of hand last semester at school, stopped lifting, lost all motivation to be healthy. I’m living alone in a studio apt and it’s just so tempting to pick up a pizza or get some chinese food instead of doing the right thing. Long story short, I gained a good amount of unwanted weight last semester and I’m very disappointed with myself. I began lifting again over the summer to get back into the swing of things, and decided to go all out and do the V-diet for the first month of school.

I started it on 8/24, the first 3 days were pretty tough, but I think i can get through it, partially because I would feel like a dumbass if I didn’t and wasted that money. It’s sick what motivates people sometimes.

My starting stats are as follows:
Height 71.5
Weight 214
Neck 16.5
Shoulders 48
Chest - Upper 43
Chest - Lower 39
Waist - at Navel 40
Waist - at largest 40
Hips - at largest 42
Upper Arm - L 15
Upper Arm - R 14.5
Upper Leg - L 25
Upper Leg - R 26
Lower Leg - L 14.5
Lower Leg - R 15
Ankle - L 9.5
Ankle - R 9.5

It’s hard to get through each day. I keep thinking about what my favorite foods are and then think of how much longer I have to do this for. I feel like I kind of rushed into it without fully understanding what I was about to go through. It’s probably the hardest thing I’ve had to do, especially since I work at a pizzeria and am around delicious chicken wings and pizzas all day.

I turn to T-Nation for support and help through this.

Anyone else begin on 8/24/09?

I began on the 20th so just a few days before…
stick to it bro…you made the big choice to do this, sticking to it is just what you need to do…and its only a month

On HSM day, does it matter which shake gets replaced? Should it be the one with the flax and superfood, since I’m getting nutrients from the HSM. The guide just says shake and supplements, but no mention as to which (as far as i can tell).

It doesnt say specifically but kinda implies you substitute the 4th shake for the HSM…which is a flax/super shake.

Thats what i did anyway.

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