KJ's Diet Log

So I just started the V-Diet yesterday. So far so good I guess. I’m not having any real problems at this point. No hunger problems actually felt a little happier and more energetic than I have been lately so it was great by my standards. So I’m really looking forward to seeing how I progress throughout this program.

The only real concern I have at the moment is planning when I will do the HSM. Just having the shakes during the week is great cause I’m busy with work and so my mind doesn’t tend to wander to the point I get bored and want to eat or anything. However the weekends can be a different story. But I’m planning on doing the HSM on Sundays since it sounds like that is what your supposed to do? But I’m not sure if it might be best to do it during the week instead?

So now I’m in day four of this diet and everything was going great till my lunch shake. It tasted like crap or was horrible and clumpy and dreadful! Not sure what happened my earlier on was fine but I just couldn’t choke it all down. I drank about a third of it before I called it quits. Hopefully I won’t have the same issue for dinner. Just wish I knew what happened. Oh well lol!

how is it going ?
On first day, i was already in this case, but i finished them all.
I was very stupid and ordered the same taste for all my shakes…
i should have taken a few different ones to alternate… now i’s gonna be hard :slight_smile:

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