Kinsen's V-Diet Journey...the Remix

Nearing the end of my fourth day of my V-Diet. I’ve had several starts and stops and wanted to start posting in order to make sure I bring this to a finish and continue it.

Measurements as of monday were:
Weight 204
Neck 15.5
Shoulders 50.5
Chest - Nipple 41
Waist - at Navel 40.5
Hips - at largest 41
Upper Arm - L 13
Upper Arm - R 13
Upper Leg - L 20.5
Upper Leg - R 21
Lower Leg - L 16.25
Lower Leg - R 16.25

“False Starts” as I call them are pretty common. You have to get your mindset right, dig in, and focus! This log will help you.

Any specific questions for me, be sure to post them in any of the “Ask Chris” threads so I’ll be sure to see them.

Keep us updated! We’re here to help!

The other reason I’m starting up this log is to pay back all the forum posters on T-Nation. I’ve been a selfish jerk… reading posts by people and the mods and simply using it for my own. I’ve learned a bunch of things about myself and hopefully can contribute something to any one else looking to improve themselves thru the vdiet. I’m not going to type it all at once but sprinkle it throughout as they come to me. I’m having vdiet deja vu moments all over again.

One moment I’m definitely not having is the combination of vanilla flavor shakes with expired or rancid flaxseed. For my first V-Diet experience, I just bought some no name store brand milled flax seeds from walgreens. I even did a little fist pump when I realized it was two containers for the price of one. Having pretty much NO experience with milled flax seeds before… I didn’t know that the rancid stink of it was NOT how it was supposed to smell. I just figured that’s just how it is… no one said it was going to be easy.

To compound this issue… I choose vanilla as my first flavor because it’s my favorite flavor. And although it tastes ok going down there’s this odor to it that made me gag a little bit. So what do I do? I combine the two! hahahaha I may have been the first vdieter who wanted to quit outright after the first shake.

And the “grind” that everyone talks about?? Sometimes in week 1 and other times in week 3? I felt like I hit the grind on shake 4 which was my 2nd serving of rancid, nasty smelling flax seeds with vanilla. Four more weeks of this?? Part of me cried a little…or a lot. I can’t (or won’t) remember.

My word of advice… there might be other brands out there but I use spectrum cold milled flax seeds. HUGE difference. Also, vanilla tastes a lot better going down with about a teaspoon or two cinnamon.

Cinnamon makes vanilla amazing!

Today’s measurements as compared to last weeks:

        30-Aug	6-Sep

Weight 204 198.4
Neck 15.5 15.5
Shoulders 50.5 50.25
Chest - Nipple 41 40.5
Waist - Navel 40.5 39.5
Hips - 41 40
Upper Arm - L 13 12.75
Upper Arm - R 13 12.75
Upper Leg - L 20.5 20
Upper Leg - R 21 20.25
Lower Leg - L 16.25 16
Lower Leg - R 16.25 16

5.6 lbs and 5inches off.

the holiday weekend was a struggle due to wedding and having friends from out of town stay over. I need to plan out contingincies better when i’m not on set vdiet schedule. ended up getting out of work early on friday, walked over the williamsburgh and then hit the gym. after the workout walked out to dinner with my friends but didn’t eat. however, I had my evening shake way later then I would have liked and ended up eating 4 boiled eggs.

I know exactly what I did wrong on Saturday. Knowing that I committed to making my hsm on sunday for my guest, I should have sucked it up and brought protein powder to consume after the ceremony and between the wedding reception. I did have a MD protein bar in the afternoon but it wasn’t enough by the time the cocktail hour rolled around. Bascially I didn’t plan and that resulted in ending outside the vdiet. Ended up eating a few slices of roast beef, some chinese broccoli, fried shrimp, broccoli, a couple slices of abolone, honey glazed walnuts, steamed fish, & lobster. small portions just to hold me over till night time. no alcohol. drove some friends home, took some zma and two Flameout and hit the sack.

sunday’s hsm was skirt steak with salt and pepper, water cress sauteed in olive oil and garlic, green beens tossed with some butter and salt and baked potato slices sprinkled with chili seasoning/salt&pepper. I ate the portions in that order but I did end up knocking down a handful of candies that my sister had. skipped the ice cream that everyone wanted after dinner.

all in all… the weekend was not a disaster but it’s that slippery slope that Chris mentions that I’m watching out for.

weather in nyc this weekend has been awesome. 4 mile nepa walk to and over the brooklyn bridge this morning was nice. sunny but cool with a breeze.

slept pretty poorly last night. woke up for no particular reason at around 245am and then it was on and off, up and down till i finally fell back asleep at 4 something am. i also snacked on some string cheese and three pcs of dimsum. i was starving!

anyway…i’ve noticed that my self control when people are around is exceptional but when i’m by myself it’s a mixed bag. i had friends over and my buddy cooked a dish that smelled fabulous. the popcorn also smelled really good. didn’t have a bite or even a nibble. i’ve noticed that in general peer pressure doesn’t affect me too much. however, when i’m by myself… i can rationalize with the best of them.

anyone else observe this about themselves and want to chime in on how they dealt with it?

Had two polly o cheese string sticks yesterday after my workout. Gotta get over this mindset that I can “earn” eating anything extra. Seems extreme but need to lock it down. Kind of didn’t want to mention it in this forum but I think anyone who were to read this has to see the little failures v-dieters might experience but persevere thru.

Anyway, yesterday’s workout was tough. I was doing 5/3/1 prior to this but again had that mentality that I earned the right to eat like crap after my workouts to “muscle” up. This second time around with the V-Diet I’m taking that extra time that drinking shakes instead of having dinner and using it for the post V-Diet life. Planning out my hsm’s properly (using precision nutrition from John Berardi). I’ve also recognized that I don’t do too well with too much free will and respond better when I’ve got a plan and I just execute to it.

The target - cousin’s Nov 6th wedding in Phuket!

Stay focused!

On a lighter note, my nepa this morning was solid. Approx 4 miles for 80 min. Just a nice walk over and back the brooklyn bridge.

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