Kingsley V-Diet

I’m starting the diet tomorrow. I decided that it was time to get my fat percentage down. I’m currently at 5’9 185 lbs and 18%-19% body fat. I’ll have my first day pictures posted tomorrow. I’m starting this blog for the same reason nearly everyone does, to help keep myself accountable for sticking to the diet and the workout program. I’m looking forward to seeing what this does for me.

Cool. Looking forward to watching your progress!

I should have put these up yesterday but I was pretty tied up for most of the night so I didn’t get a chance. But these are the photos from the night before I started the V-diet.

1st day front

1st day back

So after the second day I’m going through…what I can only describe as solid food withdrawal. Not feeling any less motivated though which is good. I assume craving solid food is pretty normal for the first couple of days. I’m just going to continue pushing through it (0 exceptions) because I know resisting is a big part of the “reprogramming” portion of this diet.

Joined a new gym, yesterday, that a buddy of mine goes to called Metrogym. Its just about the most badass gym I’ve ever seen. Just all free weights and badass olympic lifting gear in this cargo bay. Everybody there is pretty into the idea of me doing this so I know I’ll find some good motivation there.

After two days I’ve dropped from 185.4 to 181.2. I realize most of this is water weight but it’s still a pretty cool start to the diet.

I’ll be picking up a tape measure this weekend so I’ll post some early diet measurements by Saturday.

Week 1 down and my weight is down to 177.8 lbs. Pretty happy about the results so far. I’m definitely feeling lighter and I think I can see a difference in how I look overall. I know I’m thinner in my face. I’ll be honest the first couple of days on this diet were rough, I felt like I was hungover and I had absolutely no energy whatsoever. I pushed through it though and I’m feeling pretty damn good now.

The food cravings are still pretty rough. I’ve had one breakdown of very minor proportions. My girl had some extra sushi from her dinner and I gobbled that sh*t down like there was no tomorrow. Since it was only two pieces of Nigiri and I did not eat the rice I’m not going to beat myself up over it.

I took some measurements last night (late in the game is better than nothing at all), I’ll be posting them after I get home from the gym tonight.

I’m pretty much living on this site. I would have, without a doubt, broken down during this first week if I wasn’t constantly on here reading success stories, question threads and health/recipe articles. I’m pretty sure I’ve spent at least half of my free time this week planning my next HSM from recipes on this site. I’m going to go for a cauliflower dough pizza or a ridiculously baller sandwich that this guy eightprops posted in his diet log. If anyone reads this and has not taken a look at that kids blog…GO NOW!..his HSM’s look like the stuff of legend…no homo

Pics and measurements to come tonight


Just read an article by Chris about the 4 levels competence…pretty much made me feel like a complete douchebag…I blatantly pulled the conscience incompetent maneuver by munching on sushi and just playing it off because it wasn’t much. I know that calorie-wise it was next to nothing and food-wise it’s a damn clean choice but it still wasn’t part of the plan I set out for myself and I shouldn’t have done it. Rationalizing small snacks can be a slippery slope, especially this early in the game. That article pissed me off. It gave me a good mental punch to the nuts and I’m ready to take this V-Diet bitch down!

Week 1 measurements (no week 0 to compare it to)
Chest - 39"
Belly - 34.5"
Waist - 36"
R Thigh - 22"
L Thigh - 23"
R Calf - 14.5"
L Calf - 15"

I’ve currently locked myself in my office. We had a managers meeting today and they decided to make it a lunch meeting…with barbecue…delicious…tantalizing…barbecue. I attended the meeting of course but I politely excused myself for the lunch portion, they all know I’m on this diet. Now I’m reading others people V-logs to keep my mind off of the aromas wafting in from the conference room. Why did it have to be barbecue?..

Successfully navigated my way through a V-diet friendly weekend. I had a ton of work to do any way so I just stayed in both nights and avoided unnecessary temptation.

I have learned just how much drinking my meals every day has shrunk my stomach. I made an amazing meal of veggie/bison/shrimp kebabs, grilled chicken thighs and sweet corn. I knew it was a lot of food but I figured I’d probably enjoy at least three quarters of it…wrong! I made it through about one quarter of this meal before I found myself breathing like a morbidly obese man after finishing up at a KFC buffet. It was still delicious but man was it hard to let the rest of this awesome meal go. I gave most of the rest to my dogs and threw out the remaining leftovers to avoid some late night binging. I’m feeling pretty good about my progress so far but my mouth salivates at the very thought of solid food. Fortunately, I seem to be having erotic food fantasies about very healthy fare so it seems as though the taste reprogramming is kicking in.

Here is a photo of this weeks HSM.


Wow that looks good.

I’m feeling pretty damn bad ass today. I posted gains on every single lift from yesterdays workout. This is only the second bout of the 1st day lifting program (started V-Diet on Wednesday so I started with the Wednesday workout instead of the monday) but I was extremely sore after last week and I honestly do feel like I pushed it pretty hard. So to be able to kick up the weight on the front squat, db bench and weighted chin-ups felt f’ing awesome.

The fat is basically melting off at this point, or at least it feels like it. Which, unfortunately seems to be showing that I have some lame pipsqueak abs. I’ll definitely be kicking up my ab workouts during the transition period of the v-diet. No point in being thin if I don’t even have the baller ass abs I’m trying to show off in the first place.

Tomorrow will be day 14. Weight, measurements and photos (for this week and last) should be up by Thursday.

Day 14

How would you define a successful 2nd week on the V-diet? I would define it as 4.8 lbs lighter. Which is what I am mother f*#@ers!!! The diet is literally kicking the fat right off of my ass.

One disheartening thing about all this is that I’m now realizing how chubby I was and how all the signs of chubbyness were staring me in the face and yet I went out of my way to ignore them. I always told myself that I was thin (compared to most fat Houstonites). I told myself that my double chin was because I just had a chubby face. When I checked my body fat percentage on a scale, I got a 17.4%…once…aside from that one time, I consistently came up with 21ish%. I checked this on multiple scales including the one I got a 17.4 on and they all gave the same basic percentage…21+%) And yet, if you look at my first post I stated that I was around 18%. Even when I was starting this I blindly held onto the notion that all the other scales had been wrong and the one that showed me what I wanted had been right. I want to slap that guy from two weeks ago and say “turn on that damn bathroom light and look at your belly buddy!”. Was I ever obscenely fat? NO. Was I ever in sickeningly poor shape? NO. Was I where I wanted and should be? NO.

Either way, I’m getting to where I want to be now and these results are amazing.

Peace -

Measurements and photos tonight…

Day 7 front

Day 7 side

Day 7 back

Day 14 Front

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