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Today is day 3. Not sure how often I’m supposed to be posting on here, but I’ve been doing a daily plus rant.
This weekend sucks because it’s a million degrees outside and its making me nauseous, but I’m good. Work does that to me sometimes, so its whatever.

8am- shake, Flameout, Superfood, 1 x HOT-ROX

9-12- walking & searching for specialty item. (Nepa walk?) sweaty bt noon

12- vanilla cinnamon shake & flame out, unsweet green tea

4- shake & Flameout- added teaspoon of chia seeds.

5-6:30, landscaping

7:15- 2 small baked chicken tenders with hot peppers from my garden & roasted red pepper w/minced garlic.(325) Medium Baked portabello mushroom (18) & green salad (40) with olive oil (100) fresh dill, vinegar, salt & pepper, 1 tablespoon craisins(130) Unsweetened kombucha tea (25)= 596 calories

Not too bad now that i ate. I only get a little anxious throughout the day which is why I added a couple chia seeds to a shake. I hope that’s ok. My skin is starting to look awesome and I feel a bit leaner when I wake up. I ordered a scale from amazon so I’ll be able to post day 8 weight progress. My starting pics and stats are on my vdiet is a go. If you have any input, please post. Thanks :slight_smile:

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