Kimmy's V-Diet Log

I am very excited to start the V-diet! I know it is going to be hard, but I am willing to do what it takes to get the results that I want! I love reading other’s posts because it shows not only the great results people are getting but also the struggles one goes through to get there. If we share these obstacles up front, then we can help each other know what to expect. So thank you everyone for your great work and also bitching about the hard stuff!

A little about myself… I am a senior at North Central College graduating with a degree in Exercise Science. I am planning on moving to Scottsdale, AZ in September so if anyone is from that area give me a holler! I have been struggling with my weight for about 2 years now. Ever since I quit track and field due to injury, I haven’t been able to get back to that physique. I came really close to it last spring/summer while on Jen Heath’s program (BTW excellent trainer!).

If interested you can go to and view Kim’s story under testimonials. However, once my senior year started so did the weekend partying and social events.

15 pounds later I am fed (no pun intended lol) up with what I see in the mirror and am ready for a change. I am an avid reader of T-Nation and have always been curious about the V-diet. After reading forums and the articles supporting the V-diet I decided to give it a go!

I have my supplements and created a V-Diet binder to track my workouts. I start everything tomorrow on Memorial Day. My buddy will be doing the workouts with me, which will motivate me more to do the best that I can in the weight room.

I don’t think the taste of the shakes will bother me, but I am definitely expecting “hunger pains” because I love to eat! My will power will be pushed to the max for these 28 days, but I know I can do it! I will need all the help I can get, so please do not hesitate to go drill sergeant on my ass. Just by listening to all of your stories will help me through this process. Measurements and pictures come tomorrow (ugh!). Okay, here we go!

Welcome! You will be suprised about how the shakes fill you up - I was. The first few days are hard, but it gets easier. It’s the other way round for the workouts lol!

Good luck, I’ll be following your progress. You can do this!

Awesome. Keep us posted!

Alright Day One is here!!! Had my first shake, and I don’t know about you guys but I really like the taste of them. I had the chocolate Metabolic Drive this mornin. I think it really helps to blend ice with the ingredients. The smoothie texture makes it taste like a healthy milkshake. I mixed apprx. 2 cups of ice with 16 oz of water plus the ingredients. The shake was huge!!! So next time I won’t add as much water. The mixed berry fiber choice tablet tastes like candy, so that may subdue any sweet tooth craving I have in the future.

Anyways… Here are my measurements:

Height: 64 inches
Weight: 157.6 lbs
Neck: 13.75
Chest: 37.5
R Arm: 12.25
L Arm: 12.25
Wrist: 6.25
Abdomen: 34 7/8
Hips: 42.5
Calf: 14.75
Ankle: 8.5

I decided to take a picture of my face as well b/c in the past my face definitely changed during fat loss.

Back 5_25_09

Front 5_25_09

Right 5_25_09

I will post again tonight after my workout!!! WOO WOO go day one!!!

Kimmy - welcome to Day 1! I also LOVE the Choc MD…not a huge fan of the vanilla, unless I doctor it up with extracts or tea. Good luck with your workout today. Keep us posted!

NEPA walk: 35min

Completed Workout 1!!! Here are the stats.

Font Squat
65/5, 75/5, 80/5, 80/5
I can definitely go up in weight, but the bar is hurting my shoulders when performing the exercise. I’ll have to use a cushion next time.

Purple Jump stretch band for assistance

Dumbbell Bench Press: 35 lbs

Ab-wheel rollout

How much time do you guys take in between exercises? I took 30-60 sec. The workout flew by which is great. I like short and intense workouts! I was a little light headed after the workout but was able to fully recover in 15-20min. I do not like the taste of Surge so I’ll just have to chug that after workouts. I put a slight heel lift for the front squat because I have really tight hips and hamstrings, so I will progress to a flat stance as time goes on. Overall day one has been going well. It is kind of a lazy day, I’m sitting around a lot. Tomorrow will be much busier so I won’t think about hunger pains between shakes.

I know how you feel on the front squats, my shoulders are really bruised after I did mine on Friday. You just have to push through it and be strong, it’s only 20 reps - I count them down in my head (‘come on, only 15 more to do and then I can stop’ etc). But it hurts me too.

The time between exercises should be the same as the time between sets of each exercise, so it it says ‘rest 20s’, then it’s 20 seconds between exercises aswell. Can be fun trying to achieve that in a commercial gym at rush hour!

Have you got the chocolate Surge? I have and I found it was weird but I did get used to it pretty quickly. We only get chocolate and original here, they withdrew vanilla becuase no one liked it. I want to try the original but I want to know what it tastes like before I spend £40

Nice job on the workout! I bet you got that rush after when you realised how hard you worked? I live off that. But seriously, well done - I bet you will have some great results! :smiley:

Welcome Kim, great to read your story and wishing you much success. You are going to look awesome when you’re done.

Day Two is almost done! Just finished my NEPA walk - 60min at 1.0 grade on the treadmill… so f*ing boring! For the second 30min I decided to do a pyramid of 3.6mph, 3.8mph, 4.0mph each minute. This felt like the time went by quicker. Shakes are still good, I was busier today so no real hunger pains. My stomach made some weird noises at around dinner time, maybe due to the protein. Thank you so much for the posts, I really look forward to reading them! I am excited for workout 2 tomorrow with my buddy! We will see if he can handle it :wink: I’ll post stats tomorrow night.

I just started the V-Diet myself - Good luck to you

Alright, so the first week is rough… No real hunger pains but my body feels weird, I’ve never experienced this before. Sometimes nauseous or lightheaded. I just need to stick it out and it should pass after this week. My body is just going through a shock right now. So I decided to up my dose for HOT-ROX… turns out I am very sensitive to stimulants. I will keep the dosage at 1 pill 2x per day for the first couple weeks, taking the second pill no later than 2p. I forgot my workout binder so I will post workout 2 and 3 together tomorrow. I tagged along for a grocery store trip with my friends and I tried to get some good ideas for HSM. I also visited the HSM blog and got some goodideas from there. Looking forward to the weekend! Graduation about 2 weeks away!

Workout 2: Wed
Reverse Lunge
9/15lb, 9/20, 9/20, 7/20, 6/20
Bent over row
8/55, 8/65, 8/65, 8/65, 8/65
Push press
5x8 @ 55lb
Barbell Curl - couldn’t do the bbell so used DB
8/15lb, 8/15, 3/15, 5/15, 8/15, 5/15, 3/15
Reverse Crunch - Bodyweight

Too high of wt. for curls

Workout 3: Fri
8/65, 8/95, 8/95, 8/95, 8/95
Decline DB bench press - neutral grip
5x8 @ 20lb
Pull-up - neutral grip with assistance
Hand walkout - from knees

Cool beans! we’re both doing the intermediate programme - looks like you’re doing well on it! If your technique is looking good, try increasing the weights a bit, makes it harder, but you get a huge kick at the end when you’re done! I think I read somewhere that the weight should be sort of heavy enough so that you can only make 8 or 9 on the first set. I suggested this to someone else and they were like ‘nah, nah, it’s fine my way’ but they later thanked me for it! Just my $0.02…

Oh by the way, I think you have a really pretty face! What are you more excited about, graduation or getting some awesome results on the V-Diet?

Alright so I have been a horrible blogger. My computer broke and haven’t been able to post everything. So this post will be a long one… Here we go.

5/29/09 Saturday: HSM for dinner and Chicago
Went to Chicago around 4:00p and walked around State Steet and Michigan Avenue for about 4 hours. My friend and I made it in time to get on the 5:00 news on ABC!!! My friend nearly pushed me over in order to get in front on the camera! We hit up the local shops then tried to find a place to eat. Chicago dining is either really expensive or really cheap. My friend was a trooper for putting up with my pickiness of where to eat because of the V-diet. We finally found a Houlihans near the Chicago Tribune building.

My HSM- large serving of grilled salmon filet(salt and pepper seasoning only), 2 side orders of steamed broccoli, 1/4 the portion given of rice pilaf and black beans, and a side salad with no croutons and a small amount of balsamic vinagrette for taste-not texture :)Oh, and dessert - glass of red wine.

I read in other’s blogs that you get full very quickly with HSM and man were they right! That broccoli and salmon definitely filled me up! I wanted to eat the meat and veggies first before I hit the rice so I would only eat a small amount of starch. The bean combo with the rice was awesome though, never tried that before.

5/30/09 Sunday:
I know I am not supposed to but I did go on a long walk with my friend because it was such a nice day out and she showed me this recreational park in her town that has a beautiful hiking/bike trail. If you are ever in the Chicagoland area go to Independence Grove in Libertyville!

Intermediate V-Burn Challenge: 31 minutes
I don’t know what it was about sunday but I felt incredibly out of shape :frowning: I think I just needed to get that first V-burn challenge under my belt and now I know what to expect for this weekend.

6/01/09 Monday:
5/25/09 6/1/09
Height: 64 inches
Weight: 157.6 lbs 155.2 lbs. (-2.4 lbs)
Neck: 13.75 same
Chest: 37.5 same
R Arm: 12.25 12.0 (- .25 in)
Wrist: 6.25 same
Abdomen: 34 7/8 33.75 (- ~1 in)
Hips: 42.5 41.25 (- 1.25 in)
Calf: 14.75 same
Ankle: 8.5 same
Thigh: opps forgot wk 1 24.75 in

Total inches lost: ~2.5 inches

I love to see those numbers go down! I don’t know if that is a avg. loss for the first week, I’m sure everyone is different.

NEPA walk: 30min
6/01/09 Monday Workout (#5)
Front Squat
5 x 4 reps @ 80 lbs

Chin -up: did not have straps so I did 5 sec negatives
4 x 5 reps

Dumbbell Bench Press: went to waaayyy too heavy last week so bumped the weight down
4x 5 reps @ 20lbs, need to go up to 25lbs

Ab wheel rollout with swiss ball
4 x 5 reps

6/02/09 Tuesday: NEPA walk 45min

6/03/09 Wednesday:
NEPA walk: 20min - low today :frowning:

Workout #6: only 40s b/w exercises! loved it!
Reverse Lunge
5x 8 reps each leg @ 20lbs each, need ^ wt.

Barbell bent-over row
5 x 8 reps 65/70/75/75/75

Barbell Push press
5 x 8 reps @ 55lbs, need ^ wt.

Dumbell Curl: still weak
5 x 8 reps @ 10lbs.

Reverse Crunch on floor
5 x 8 reps

6/04/09 Thursday (today): NEPA walk - 35min

So far Week two has gone so much better than week one! This weekend will be rough because I will be around a lot of greasy food and alcohol (milk days in Harvard, IL), but I will have my shakes packed and ready to go! I find myself not craving or needing to dig deep down to find the will power to not eat the stuff. This is incredible!!! My school hosted a picnic celebrating senior athletes - burgers, chips, pasta salad, brownies everywhere! I had my lunch v-diet shake (strawberry falvor mmmm) with me and I felt great! Although, I cannot wait until my HSM on sunday :wink: I’m in the college’s computer lab right now so I can’t post my swimsuit pics lol, so I will do that when I go home tomorrow. Sorry about the very long post want wanted to keep my end of the deal on posting everything.

I just read above and the spacing between measurement days didnt turn out right. The new measurements are directly to the right of last weeks.

[quote]x_alli_x wrote:
Cool beans! we’re both doing the intermediate programme - looks like you’re doing well on it! If your technique is looking good, try increasing the weights a bit, makes it harder, but you get a huge kick at the end when you’re done! I think I read somewhere that the weight should be sort of heavy enough so that you can only make 8 or 9 on the first set. I suggested this to someone else and they were like ‘nah, nah, it’s fine my way’ but they later thanked me for it! Just my $0.02…

Oh by the way, I think you have a really pretty face! What are you more excited about, graduation or getting some awesome results on the V-Diet?[/quote]

I think I am equally excited about both. I’ve been wanting this transformation for 2 years now, and I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life :slight_smile:

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