Kikass323 Diet


Here’s my diet on a typical training day.

7:30 up
9:00 shake (1 scoop of casein protein with fish oil, CLA, and fiber tabs(175)
11:30 Pre workout supplement (60)
11:42 gym
1:10 shake (2 scoops surge) (220)
2:10 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, half scoop casein powder, 100 calories of almonds, 2 fish oil, 2 CLA, 2 vitamin d, fiber tabs(410)
4:30 Grilled Chicken (6 oz cooked in coconut oil), 100 calories of almonds, V8, 2 CLA, 2 Fish Oil, Fiber tabs(455)
7:30 1 egg, 3 egg whites, 100 calories of cheese, V8, 100 calories of almonds, Fish oil, CLA, Fiber (407.5)
9:45 1 scoop casein, Fish Oil, CLA (150)
11:15 Sleep
Total Calories-1877.5

On my non lifting days I do HIIT and cut out the Surge, taking in around 1700 calories. I’m thinking about going through the V-Diet in my last 4 weeks (currently on a 12 week diet; on week 5). I probably should add more veggies, but I’ve been lazy and sticking with V8.


Yeah, V8 is mainly just tomato juice, which is a fairly carby fruit, especially in juiced form, so I would ditch that and add more green veggies just for health and to increase satiety. You probably wouldn’t need to spend extra money on fiber tabs if you did that.

Nothing really wrong with your diet plan other than the V8, no major holes really (assuming you don’t drink alcohol - a lot of folks leave that out of their food log). And you said in the other thread that fat loss is going well, so keep doing what’s working with the addition of veg instead of tomato juice.

Keep us posted!