Kicking My Ass with the V-Diet

My name is Derek and I’m going to start my V-Diet tomorrow. All through high school and college I worked out pretty regularly but when I started working a couple of years ago I found difficulties making the time (read: came up with a bunch of excuses) and started gaining weight.

I’ve decided that V-Diet seems just the thing to kick me in the ass and get back in the gym and start building/reinforcing some good habits and get me moving in the right direction again. Here are the measurements, I’ll make sure to get pics up in the next couple of days:

Height - 6’0"
Weight - 219.5
Neck - 16 5/8"
Shoulders -46.5"
Chest - Upper- 40 1/2"
Chest - Lower- 39 1/8"
Waist - at Navel - 42"
Waist - at largest - 42 1/2"
Hips - at largest - 40 3/4"
Upper Arm - L - 13 5/8"
Upper Arm - R - 13 3/4"
Upper Leg - L - 25 1/4"
Upper Leg - R - 25 3/4"
Lower Leg - L - 16 1/4
Lower Leg - R - 16 5/8"

Tomorrow morning I have a date with my blender and the gym :slight_smile:

Well, morning one was rough. Naturally it was down-pouring outside when I woke up to do my first exercise day haha. Then, I don’t know if it was the HOT-ROX or the sheer quantity of liquid of the morning shake (I had no idea it would be so much!) but I was halfway through my Monday workout and I started feeling really nauseous. I sat down for a couple of minutes until it passed a little and I felt like I could finish my workout. Afterward drinking the Surge make it a lot worse.

I think Wednesday I’m going to try using less water in the morning shake and try taking the HOT-ROX after I work out and see if it is any better.

I was pretty happy with the taste of the morning meal and I have a shaker bottle and my next two meals packed with me for work. I think this may be the first time since I’ve started working that I’ve actually packed a lunch (which needless to say is probably part of the reason I’m in my current situation). So I’m pretty excited to keep going forward despite this morning’s hiccup.

I promise I’ll put the before pics up tonight.

Front - Before

Side - Before

Back - Before

Pics are up. The rest of the day has been pretty uneventful, got my NEPA walk in, ignored the surprisingly infrequent urges for solid food. I still can’t get over how filling the shakes were, I really didn’t think that being stuffed was going to be a problem on this diet, but it seems like every shake is like downing a Thanksgiving dinner lol. Get to try out the peanut butter tonight, everybody seems to enjoy that, so looking forward to that and then onto day 2!

Day 2 was a little rougher from a food craving perspective. Around 3pm I started day dreaming about carbs haha. I did my NEPA walk in the morning, there was a light drizzle but not too bad, I’m going to keep doing these rain or shine, but it’d be nice if I got some shine.

Going to watch the hockey game now, just going to watch it from home and hopefully not think about the beer and bar food I would normally be putting down while watching the game. Go Wings!

Days 3 and 4 started off with rain yet again, bleh. Walking past all the restaurants on my NEPA walks is a little bit mentally challenging but still going strong. I actually had a dream that I screwed up my HSM and was pissed at myself, thought that was kind of weird.

My energy levels are a little low, but I suppose that is the way it is supposed to be right now. Also not sleeping very soundly, but that seemed to have started a little bit before I started the V-Diet so I don’t know what is going on there, probably just anxiety about the diet and work.

I waited an hour between the morning meal and working out, that helped a lot with the nausea, but for some reason the morning shake is still making me feel sick, last night the night one did too. I’m hoping that it is just my body adjusting to the new diet.

Looking forward to getting back into the gym again tomorrow. Feeling very good about getting back into a routine in that respect.

My first real test is going to be tomorrow. I have to go to a work happy hour for some of our new interns so I will be surrounding by free food and beer. Going to drink my third meal right before I go and hopefully that will make it easier. Plus my first HSM is going to be Saturday so that should get me through no problem. I’m really looking forward to that right about now. I’ve never really liked sweet potatoes, but it seems like that is the ideal carb so I’m hoping that I’ll enjoy it more when it is during my first solid meal in a week.


Keep on plugging away… and you’re not the only one to have dreams of screwing up the HSM thing, I’m right there with you.

As for the happy hour, be strong. Think about your last hangover and it should help to keep you from being tempted by the alcohol.

Midway point-

Weight - 217 - (2.5)
Neck - 16" - (.625)
Shoulders -46 - (.5)
Chest - Upper- 40" - (.5)
Chest - Lower- 38" - (1.125)
Waist - at Navel - 39" - (3)
Waist - at largest - 41 1/2" - (1)
Hips - at largest - 42" - 1.25
Upper Arm - L - 13 1/4" - (.375)
Upper Arm - R - 13 1/2" - (.25)
Upper Leg - L - 25 3/4" - .5
Upper Leg - R - 25 3/4" - no change
Lower Leg - L - 16 1/2" - .25
Lower Leg - R - 16 1/2" - (.125)

totals - (2.5 pounds) / (5.5 inches)

Thoughts: I’ve been a little off-put by the scale not seeming to move despite being on this diet. The only thing I can think of is that getting back into the gym is rebuilding some muscle I let go to hell while being out of the gym. I read somewhere on here that it takes a lot less calories to build up old muscle than new, so I guess that would make sense. My face and neck are definitely noticeably thinner than when I started but it seems like my ass is actually bigger now (see hip measurements), I’m hoping that is muscle lol.

My stomach seems to be all over the map so I don’t know if the gains there are as dramatic as they seem, I make sure not to suck it in when I take the measurements, but I’m still not sure the gains are quite as dramatic as the 4 inches the measurements show, definitely been some gains though. I suppose I was hoping for a little bit more at this point, definitely going to stick with it to the end though.

I know a lot of people have talked about shedding water weight, but I think I’m actually more hydrated on this diet than I was before (pretty sure I was constantly dehydrated since I almost never drank water and most of my beverages were caffeinated) so I think that is part of what I am seeing here too, that I actually put on some water weight as I am now drinking a healthy amount of hydrating liquids.

Screw-ups: I haven’t been perfect unfortunately, obviously I haven’t been posting very frequently since I started. Additionally, twice last week I screwed up my meal timing and the next thing I knew it was almost time for me to go to bed and I still had my last two meals left. Probably threw my metabolism off there and set myself back a few days. Haven’t snuck any food or anything in though, and my HSMs have been just that, though I’d just like to point out that it is a lot easier to get a HSM type meal at a normal restaurant than an upscale one, they have almost no options on their menus! I was stuck with baked white potatoes as my carb yesterday and only ended up eating a few bites worth of the potatoes just because I felt like I should at least eat some carbs. It’s funny though because I love potatoes and while I was eating them in the back of my mind I was just thinking man these are worthless for me.

I think your progress is great. 5.5" is a lot, even if there is a bit of up and down in the way you measure week to week. Also, keep in mind that the mental aspect of this diet is so important. If you finish it out, you will have a new regard for food (much like your potato incident) and that will keep you losing weight long after the 4 weeks are up. You are probably putting on muscle faster than you think if you’re lifting regularly (especially if you haven’t been in long time)

On the water weight thing - the more water you drink, the less water you retain in your cells (muscles). For instance, if you don’t drink a lot of water and eat a lot of salty type things, your body will soak up any and all water you get and store it away. This makes you heavier. However, if you drink water a lot, your body starts to “trust” you and it will not store water in that way and futhermore, it will shed the water it was storing previously. This is particularly true on high protein diets, as protein acts as a diuretic.

Good work to date, finish strong!

Keep on going mate,everyone has hard times/days.If it was always easy on this diet then everyone would 've done it.Just keep focused on what made you start this in the first place.I’m sure you’ll sail through this and have life changing results.

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