Kicking Ass & Drinking Shakes 2.0

Did the V-diet a while back and… struggled. The fiber and the peanut butter were my nemesis.

I’ve just placed an order for a new v-diet stack and have a whole different goal.

I started my MBA 6 months ago, gave up the gym, and essentially any notion of free time or regular eating habits. Managed to lose 12lbs - and not in a good way.

I thought it would get better, but right now with a full course load, extracurriculars, gym, and trying to find a job (and secure a visa to return to the US) - I’m cramming 36hrs of life into 24.

My diet has been reduced to muesli and almond milk in the morning, and a variety of fruit, granola bars, and leftovers (if I’ve been to Dad’s and brought some home). Not great - by a long shot.

I’m not doing the V-diet to lose weight. I’m doing it to make sure I’m getting some quality nutrition while I’m burning the candle at all ends. The new edition - with HSMs every day - seems like it’ll fit really well with my maddening schedule. Excited to see how it goes!

Will post pics and measurements anyways once I get my stack and can get started.

Rock on!

Supps got in Thursday night, so I started Friday.

I got a little adventurous and ordered a strawberry and a banana MD to add a little variety to my standard chocolate and vanilla safe-zone.

The strawberry is a little sweet mixed with chocolate, but deeeelicious with vanilla.

The banana - tried it by itself last night - holy surprisingly delicious!! Biotest never ceases to impress.

Also got Micro-PA - wondering if the capsules are supposed to look sort of … icky? I’ll post a pic of them later this week.

All in all - so far so good.

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