Ketosis and I3G

Leaving this here:

TLDR: if you have enough ketones in your blood when you dose I3G, you won’t get slapped with hypoglycemia. This probably isn’t great for building muscle.

I started taking I3G because I thought it could help manage my history of head injury (curcumin helps too). It did, and it isn’t the placebo effect, unfortunately, cycling off I3G means cycling back on to the mental fog and memory problems.

Feeding myself enough carbs (300g is a LOT) got to be obnoxious, as was sustaining the workload to earn all those calories long-term.

I tried getting myself into nutritional ketosis, I used some non-Biotest supplements that I won’t name here to help with that. I’ve since found that if I have a good amount of ketones in my system when I dose I3G, I don’t experience the “oh shit where are my carbs” hypoglycemia after dosing I3G, and have been able to stay well below the carb guidelines with no ill effects.

I don’t expect anyone from Biotest to endorse doing this, and I do need to emphasize that I personally got better gains from using I3G as intended, with the suggested carb guidelines when trying to build muscle.

As far as my non-hardcore workouts go:

I found that ‘body by science’ (one set to failure at ~15 reps on leg press, bench, pull down) + 2 exercises to address whatever I felt needed to be brought up (kettlebell press, hamstring curl, grip work, hip thrusts with band around the leg, calf raises all have made appearances here) once a week with proper peri has been enough to keep me where I’m at in terms of strength and body comp, and there are gains week-to-week, but not enough to recommend the program to someone trying to make gains.

I’ve also tried “Just press the stupid kettlebell (72) every time you walk past it”…worked ok.