Kellster's V-Diet Log

Man. So excited.

I really can’t help but think that the V-Diet is designed EXACTLY for me. I fit the profile perfectly. In shape, working out regularly, and unable to get that last fat off.

It started for me when I turned 40 (I’m 43 now), and my doctor explained that i had uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and an enlarged heart. In addition to the spectre of DEATH, he explained that unless I got my health shit together, he’d need to put me on insulin. As a private pilot, this would be something that the FAA would not like - meaning no flying for a long while. The time had come.

So I did it. Dropped a bunch of weight, became addicted to lifting, cleaned up my diet - for the most part. Then - at 43 - a funny thing happened. I started to accept that I might not have the visible abs, or the V taper - or look quite as good nekkid as I wanted.

Then here comes the V-Diet. Perfect for me. Perfect for the guy with less than ideal eating habits, perfect for the guy who needs the jumpstart to looking just how I want.

Supplements all on the kitchen table, starting Monday, 3/23. Dinner at Spago on Saturday as a farewell to poor eating habits forever.

Can’t wait!

Lots of motivation to succeed here! Keep us posted on your progress!

OK - it starts tomorrow. I’m all set, and got the measurements done - even got dunked for an accurate BF%:

Height: 6’2"
Weight: 233
Bodyfat: 21/2%

Neck 16.75
Shoulders 51
Chest - Upper 44
Chest - Lower 46.5
Waist - at Navel 42.25
Waist - at largest 42.5
Hips - at largest 41.5
Upper Arm - L 14.75
Upper Arm - R 15
Upper Leg - L 24.5
Upper Leg - R 24.5
Lower Leg - L 19
Lower Leg - R 18.5
Ankle - L 10.5
Ankle - R 10

Goal is to get below 10% - if not on this Vdiet, then the next one. :slight_smile:



Good to hear from you, from what I’ve seen around, there’s not a lot of people starting tomorrow. It’ll be good to keep track of each others progress!

Bring on Day 1!


Oops - should have been 21.2% on the bodyfat, obviously. Another picture that makes me wish I started 2 weeks ago:

And the back.

I start tomorrow too. I’ll be checking back in to keep you motivated and to keep myself motivated.

Good luck! We can do this!

Good Morning!

How was breakfast?


Delicious, actually. Strawberry. Impressed by just how HUGE the shake ends up being. It’s 10:30, and I’m not the least bit hungry. The HOT-ROX made me a bit edgy, but I just stabbed one of the project managers here when I came in, and it calmed me right down. :slight_smile:

How was day 1 for you?

Stabbing people is so a stress reliever right?

It’s going well so far, this is my first time on HOT-ROX since November, so I was feeling a little on edge as well. Energy levels have been up and down today.

Got the NEPA done early today, I’m glad because it was raining like crazy this afternoon. Workout also done after the NEPA.

Having a chocolate dinner shake in about an hour.

All in all, it’s gone smoothly. Let me know how yours goes.


Day 1 just about in the books - just one more shake (with peanut butter - yum) - and we’re done. Got in all the shakes on a good schedule (8am, noon, 3pm, 7pm, 10pm), including Surge after the workout.

The workout. Wow. Thinking it was going to be WAY too easy. NOT the case. If you do it with the right weights and speed, it is BRUTAL. Tried to move from exercise to exercise with virtually no rest, and the ab wheel rollouts at the end were a killer.

Did a NEPA walk at lunchtime, then another with the dog after dinner. Amy the one-eyed Shitzu is going to like the V-Diet.

Today was a whole lot better than I expected - probably a result of my expecting it to be horrible. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Day 2 complete. In general, very easy. 2 NEPA/dog walks. Maybe a slight headache from the HOT-ROX - but nothing major. I noticed that I was never actually HUNGRY, but I did miss food other than shakes. That, as it turns out, is very easy to combat versus actual hunger. Looking forward to an HSM at the end of the week - but all I can think about is grand heaps of green vegetables.

It may be mental, but I actually feel LEANER already. Looking forward to workout tomorrow as well. LOTS more time on my hands when not eating all the time.


Kellster, I cannot wait for Sunday to get here so I can have my HSM!

And regarding feeling leaner, I’m sure it’s a combination of mental and physical. I’m not feeling too lean at the moment, but that’s really because this sudden surge in protein powder intake has left me feeling bloated. However, a little Gas X does the trick.

Get ready for day 3!

I’m already thinking about my HSM as well. I pretty much already know what I want to have this Sunday, and probably next Sunday as well.

How are you finding sleep on this diet?


Just woke up, and I can definitely say I’m not sleeping as well as I was. Going to try and get to bed earlier. Taking ZMA, which normally helps me sleep.

[quote]Kellster wrote:
Just woke up, and I can definitely say I’m not sleeping as well as I was.[/quote]

Neither am I… I started on Sunday so I’m on Day 4. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday night, I was way more awake than I should’ve been, and Monday was by far the worst. I called in sick because I didn’t feel safe driving on what felt like 1/2 hour of sleep.

Funny thing was, I had plenty of energy all day, and that was without HOT-ROX, which I didn’t get till yesterday afternoon. I’m probably getting more nutrients than I was before, so I’m sure that helps with not feeling tired.

My usual “nightcap” when I ate shortly before bed had degenerated to a king size Butterfinger and a 20 oz root beer, so I’m chalking that wakefulness up to a low carb late meal, with my blood sugar not taking its usual dive.

I’m going to try to keep pushing that last meal earlier till I get it two hours before bedtime and see how that works. It may just be an adjustment period, but let me know if you figure out what’s keeping you up.

It could be any number of things keeping you up, but for me it was just the major change in diet (low carb and liquid) and the hot roxx made me want to sort of die. Felt like I was going to explode into a thousand tiny pieces while throwing up all of my insides at the same time and then suddenly on day 5 it was gone. Been sleeping great since then.

I believe it was just a sudden change in my nutrition, especially at night (I was a lot like you on the nightcap kind of stuff). So hopefully you’ll be fine sleep wise pretty soon here.


[quote]Kellster wrote:
Just woke up, and I can definitely say I’m not sleeping as well as I was. Going to try and get to bed earlier. Taking ZMA, which normally helps me sleep.[/quote]

I don’t think it’s the HOT-ROX, I took HOT-ROX for 3 months over last summer and never had any trouble sleeping before.

I’ve been taking ZMA for about 6-7 months now, and it usually helps me sleep great, including funky dreams, but it’s not helping me sleep now, so it must be something else.

I’ve been on a Ketogenic diet (under 30g Carbs a day) since last summer, so I don’t think it’s Low Carbs either. I can’t really put my finger on it.

I guess I’m going to have to put my faith in Z-12 tonight, it was made for just this sort of thing.


Try some melatonin with the ZMA it really helped me

Day 3 complete. Once again - not ever really hungry. Just dreaming about solid foods, chewing, etc. Shakes are still good - my last one of the day (just finishing it now) included cinnamon - excellent with chocolate and peanut butter. Backordered banana should be here tomorrow - so more options there as well.

NEPA was good - one mid day, one at night.

Then there was the workout. Ho. Ly. Shit. Don’t get me wrong - I loved it. Changing things up is always good, and I’m always pumped to do a new workout. But given the lack of carbs, and the slight lacking of energy, it was BRUTAL. I was dying after exercise one, but pushed on. Feel great now.

Some ZMA, and it’s on to day 4!

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