Keep it or Tweak it?


I’ve been up and down all the forums and articles and have learned A LOT in the last few months. So I’m really thinking my current regimen is up to snuff, but I thought I’d throw my stats in here (I’m a smaller guy, there’s not many guys with my stats looking at the same goals as mine) and ask where I should tweak it, if at all.

Age: 22
Weight: 153 lbs.
Height: 5ft. 7in.
BF%: ~12%

Goals: Simply get into the mid single digits of BF% aka that last bit on the sides. Simply for looks. Not a body-builder, not a an NCAA athlete either.

Avg. 1500 kcal/day
40% Protien (150g) 45% Fat (72g) 15% Carb (54g)

Training: 4 sessions/week
6 mins Abs
30 mins Intense Strength Training
10 mins HIIT Cardio (Bike)
5-10 min Cool Down
*Measured 60 mins of walking during the weekdays (College kid)

One Serving of Whey Isolate on training days, sipped while on the bike.
4 Indigo-3G caps on training days, 3 caps non.

This is all based on my the amount of time I have during the week/end as well as my financially-deprived college situation.

What I’m Considering:
Adding a few portions of simple carbs to my pre/post-workout meal AND/OR a serving of dextrose/maltodextrin before and after my workout. Looking at purchasing HOT-ROX as well but, again, trying to keep budget in mind I’m looking for more-than-marginal improvements to my results. Also, whether or not I continue taking 3G. I bought the first bottle out of curiosity and it REALLY seemed to help (so I bought more), but that was back in the 15% BF days so idk anymore.

So, do I keep it? Or tweak it?

Thanks in advance!


Rather than Hot-Rox, I’d suggest Surge Workout Fuel. It’s just about $5 more than the Hot-Rox and will improve your workouts (which will lead to better results overall) instead of the fat burner that boosts your metabolism and squashes your appetite. Hot-Rox is a solid supplement but proper workout nutrition, which you don’t have in place yet, is always the best first step.

[quote=“earp123, post:1, topic:6277”]
Also, whether or not I continue taking 3G. I bought the first bottle out of curiosity and it REALLY seemed to help (so I bought more), but that was back in the 15% BF days so idk anymore.[/quote]
If you’re looking to keep dropping fat, ditching Indigo wouldn’t be the way to go. However, I do see that you’re eating very low carbs, so you’re not really using Indigo to its fullest. It’s a nutrient partitioner, which means it basically teaches your body how to burn carbs efficiently, but you’re not giving it any carbs to work with.

I don’t want to flat-out say you’re wasting the Indigo, but whatever it’s done to help you so far it’s as good as it gets. This article has some more general tips for getting to the leanness you’re talking about.


Hey thanks a bunch Chris! I’ll definitely look in to my workout nutrition. As far as Surge is concerned though, are my workouts even long enough to have a significant benefit from a supplement as general as Surge? No doubt, Surge seems to be an elite supplement in any case, but for a guy who strictly wants to lose fat, is that the direction I need to go with my workout nutrition? I’m pretty happy with the quality of my workouts, I’m pretty happy with my level of strength and lean body mass (obviously not gonna say no to more though), I just want to get into those single digits and non-existent sides. That’s why I mentioned the Hot Rox and maybe the dextrose, to help with the lack of carbs. Would there be any reason as to why that’s a bad idea? I understand that Surge has cyclic dextrose, but could I get away with spending less on dextrose supps alone?

I have read the 5/2 diet articles and heavily considered doing that but the reason I chose not to was because I wasn’t really sure what range of leanness the 5/2 diet is addressing. Is that for 15% down to 10%? If so, I could be at 10% and still easily have visible love handles due to me being a smaller guy (I know that because I’ve been down there before for wrestling). Would this also help with a guy looking at 5 or 6%? Would there be any tweaks to the 5/2 that I could incorporate?

Maybe I’m barking up all the wrong trees here, but that’s why I’m writing. And I really appreciate the experienced advice. Thanks again!