KDubya's V Diet Log

Started on Sunday 14 Feb

Age 47
Weight 190.0
Height 5’ 10"

Neck 16 7/8
Shoulder 50
Chest 44
Waist above navel 37
Waist at navel 37
Waist below navel 36 1/2
hips 34
Upper Arm 14 1/4 both
Upper leg 23 both
Calf 15 7/8 R, 15 1/2 L
All taken cold, unflexed

Workout will be primarily band assisted body weight due to a lack of access to equipment.

20 rep heavy 4-5RM
A) Front Squat - replace with Pistols single leg squat
B) Pull up - leave as is
C) Dumbbell Bench - replace with push ups with extra band resistance to get the reps hard enough for the 4-5 RM
D) Ab Wheel - leave as is

40 rep medium 8-9 RM
A) Reverse Lunge - use bands to get resistance right
B) Bent over Row - replace with body weight row with the rings, adjust feet to get the resistance right
C) Push Press - replace with Hand stand Push ups
D) Barbell curl - will use resistance bands
E) Reverse Crunch -

40 rep medium 8-9 RM
A) Deadlift - will use resistance bands
B) Incline Dumbbell Press - replace with ring push ups
C) pull up - leave as is
D) Hand walk out - leave as is

Starting Photos

Day one Sunday 14 Feb weight 190.0 - V challenge took 72 minutes, tried the chocolate, vanilla and banana shakes all tasted pretty good. Went with the berry Plazma, taste was fine just had to wait on the foam. Will mix the day before. Cooked up chili with hamburger, stewed tomatoes, black beans, red bell peppers, carrots and red yams. Came out pretty good, will eat this for the next five or six days. Somewhere around 500 calories.

Day two Monday 15 Feb weight 191.0 - Did the Monday workout, pistols went well at 5, 5, 4, 3, 3 for both legs. Pullups went 5, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1. Pushups with the bands took some getting used to the way they pulled on my thumb, and just starting off with the bands. Ab rollouts had to adjust the setup to get the reps at the correct difficulty.

Day 2 Addendum -

NEPA - walked 30 minutes away from house and then walked back in 25 minutes.

Day 3:

Weighed 189.8

NEPA - 30 minute walk away from house and 30 minute return.

Day 4 17 Feb

Weighed 188.8

Reverse Lunges w/bands - ended up using every band I had
Ring rows - got the feet spacing good for 8 rep
Handstand Push up- using a pillow the reps started at 8 and decreased to 4 over 7 sets.
ring bodyweight curls - tried with the bands, didn’t like how they felt.
hanging knee raise- took 6 sets to get the 40.

No NEPA other than at work due to a heavy rainstorm that flooded the roads.

Day 5 - Thursday 18 Feb

Weighed 189.2

For NEPA will jumprope if the storm is still here.

That’s strange how your weight went up. Stick with it! 23 days left!

Day 6 Friday 19 Feb

Weighed 188.6

Band Deadlifts - used a broomstick as a bar going through the bands, grabbing the bands directly tended to crush my hands. Better than nothing but really wish I had a proper Olympic bar.

Ring push ups - went well, getting the feet spacing correct for the rep range

Pull ups w/band assist - to get to the 8 rep range added a band. Started well with 8 reps but ended up finishing off with the last eight sets being 3 reps each. With a doorway bar that requires me to tuck my knees the band is hard to get used to.

hand walk outs - went fine. I’d never done these before, really feel it in the core.

Started coming down with a cold from working outside in the rain. It’s 90+ degrees so you can’t wear rain gear and then you’re in and out of an air conditioned trailer. Will stick to the diet but NEPA is suffering, getting a lot of physical activity at work and lots of walking so am thinking it will be enough.

Day 7 Friday 20 Feb

Weighed 189.0

Hacking up mucus so probably won’t be going for a NEPA walk today. Still raining, will try and get as much activity in at work as I can. Hoping to feel better tomorrow for the V challenge. Had an extra 1/2 bowl of chili last night in order to finish off the pot I made Sunday.

Will measure tomorrow. I feel like I’ve lost inches just not weight, will find out tomorrow if that is true. Not sure if the cold is affecting weight storage. Might look into cutting the evening shake in half to see what effect that has. Maybe my body is just trying to wait out the diet thinking that more food will be coming like normal :slight_smile: Bad luck that we won’t be quitting so it’ll have to start burning what it has stored.

Day 8 Sunday 21 February

Weighed 186.4

Still have the cold but decided to go on with the Velocity challenge, feel better afterwards. Got it done in 52:05 so about twenty minutes faster than last week.

I had my breakfast shake before I started which along with the Plazma gave me the energy to keep at it. I think before I ate a lot of carbs so working out first thing in the morning without eating still had the carbs from the night before to power the workout. Now with the reduced carbs I run out of energy if I try and workout on an empty stomach.

Re-did my measurements and got everything the same except my waist above, at and below the navel all dropped one inch to 36 inches.

Here are the progress photos:

KDubya, did you split the breakfast shake in half today (1 before scoop, Plazma during, and then 1 scoop after workout)?


Actually I had the entire two scoop shake then worked out. On Sunday I can sleep in so my Velocity challenge was finished around noon so my lunch shake was also the after workout shake.

On Monday when I got up at 0430 I had half of the breakfast shake, did the Plazma before and during the workout and then had the other half of the shake after my workout. That seemed to work better than going on just the Plazma.

Day 9 Monday 22 February

Weighed 188.0

Split the breakfast shake between pre- workout and post work out, kept the energy good for the workout. Lifts all went as well or better than the previous week, even with the shorter rests. Still have the cold but felt strong. Skipped the evening shake. Missed NEPA as its still raining, trying to get as much activity at work as I can to make up for it.

Day 10 Tuesday 23 February

Weighed 187.6

Was running late so mixed the pot of coffee with one scoop vanilla and one chocolate and blendered it. It was really good. Hoping to kick this cold in a day or so and get back to the NEPA walks.

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Day 11 Wednesday 24 February

Weighed 186.0

Had a business lunch and had sashimi and tempura. Workout went well.

Day 12 Thursday 25 February

Weighed 188.8

Day 13 Friday 26 February

Weighed 186.6

Workout went well, still have a cough but no other cold symptoms. Strength levels are as good or better than when I started.

Keep it up KDub!

Good news and bad news - The good news is I finally got rid of that damn cough/cold, the bad news is I had to spend the last three days flying to islands around Samoa for business and had to pause the diet. Travelling with powdered substances in your bags is just a bad idea :slightly_smiling:

Day 14 Saturday 27 February

Weighed 186.2 Started business travel

Day 15 - off plan
Day 16 off plan

Day 17 Tuesday 1 March

Weighed - 187.8 weighed in the middle of the day, not the normal first thing in the morning due to travel.

Did Monday’s workout this afternoon. All the lifts felt stronger with more reps done in less sets even with the further compressed rests of 35 seconds.

Did Pistols 6, 6, 5, 4 // 6,6,5,5
Pullups 6, 4, 3, 3, 2, 2
Push ups with purple band 7, 5, 5, 3
Ab wheel rollouts

NEPA - 30 minutes of jump rope. Not continuous as I’ll screw up after a minute or two and have to re-start. Mainly basic double foot jumps but some single double hops alternating just to keep it interesting. One of the best things I learned working for nine years in Afghanistan was how to jump rope. Not a boxer by any stretch but good enough to look impressive to people who can’t jump rope :slightly_smiling:

Day 18 Wednesday 2 March

Weighed 187.6

NEPA - 30 minutes jump rope

Day 19 Thursday 3 March

Weighed 187.0

Did the normal Wednesday workout to try and get back on schedule.
Reverse Lunge w/bands -
Ring Rows
Handstand Pushups
Ring curls
hanging knee raises

Tried to keep the rest periods at 35 seconds except for the handstand pushups. Getting close to a muscle failure/collapse while inverted just sounds like a bad idea. I’d go as quickly as I felt I could control but the later sets stretched out to maybe 60-90 seconds

Missed NEPA other than walking at work so skipped the evening shake.

Day 20 Friday 4 March

Weighed 186.2

Did the Friday workout
Deadlift with bands
ring pushups
Pullups w/band
hand walkouts

The deadlifts still feel awkward, I take the three heaviest bands I have, #2,3 and 4; stand on the middle of the bunch; run a broomstick through the two ends and pull the broomstick. The smaller diameter of the broomstick ends up hanging just off of the fingers instead of allowing for a good crushing overhand or hook grip like I use with a real weight bar.

Everything else is going well. Down to within six inches from the floor with the ring pushups, will be able to elevate my feet on a chair here soon.

Without the band I’m at 6 reps for the first set of pullups and end up with grinder sets at two reps. With the band I’m at 8 reps for the first set and end up with grinder sets at 3 reps but do 40 total reps instead of 20. Previously doing lots (at least for me) of pullups would lead to elbow discomfort and overall soreness. Not sure if it is the Plazma, the Flameout, or a combination, but my recovery has been really good during this whole protocol.

Again got tied up at work and missed NEPA, again skipped the evening shake.

Day 21 Saturday 5 March

Weighed 185.4

Day 22 Sunday 6 March

Weighed 183.8

Did the Velocity Challenge Intermediate in 47:58 about four minutes faster than the last time.

Neck 17
Shoulders 50
Chest 45
Waist above 36
Waist at navel 35 1/2
Waist below navel 35 1/2
hips 34
upper arm 14 1/2
upper leg 23
calf 16


Measurements stayed about the same, dropped 1/2 inch more off the waist weight is down. Not bad considering I had to travel for three days and had to eat at hotels without working out. Have Corporate visitors this week so meals will be at restaurants and probably a few beers as well.

Day 23 Monday 7 March

Weighed 185.4

Did the workout with 30 seconds between sets
Pistol - 7, 5, 4, 4, // 7, 5, 4, 4
Pullup - 5, 4, 3, 3, 3, 2
Pushup w/purple #3 band, 7, 4, 4, 3, 2
Abwheel - 5, 5, 5, 5

NEPA - 30 minutes jump rope

Got tied up with work and corporate visitors and basically lost the week.

Day 24 Tuesday 8 March

Weighed 185.2

Day 25 Wednesday 9 March

Weighed 185.0

Day 26 Thursday 10 March

Weighed 183.8

Day 27 Friday 11 March

Weighed 183.4

Got in five sets of five pullups

Day 28 Saturday 12 March

Weighed 184.6

Did not get in any workouts or NEPA. Did continue with the meal plan as best I could. Several restaurant meals (stayed with swordfish and mahi mahi) and one or two beers at night.

The plus is that I still have Plazma (been using only one scoop to make sure it lasted the duration), switched to one scoop of Superfood to extend it, have lots of Flameout and about 2 1/2 bags of protein left. I’ll continue on with the workouts and supplements until gone. It takes two+ weeks to get things mailed here so can’t order more. If nothing else I should be able to continue the trend of fat loss and help set a new baseline for my body.

Day 29 Sunday 13 March

Weighed 182.8

Velocity Intermediate Challenge completed in 49:05


Neck - 17
Shoulders - 50
Chest - 43
Waist above - 36
Waist at navel - 36
Waist below - 35 1/2
hips - 33
upper arm - 14 1/2 both unflexed
upper leg - 23
calves - 16


My quality of measurement is not the best, not sure if I am always measuring properly or consistently, but my belt is noticeably looser, need to add another notch.

I’ve improved from where I started but still have a long way to go. I think another round with the Velocity Diet is in the future. Not sure of the best gap in between starting another V Diet.

Day 30 Monday 14 March

Weighed 183.0

Still tied up with work

Day 31 Tuesday 15 March

Weighed 184.6
Had a going away party, can get back on track now.

Day 32 Wednesday 16 March

Weighed 184.2

Did the Monday workout of Pistols, Pullups, Band Push ups and Abwheel. tried to keep it to 30 seconds between sets. Went well, felt strong.

NEPA 30 minutes jump rope

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