Kcals, Macronutrients Don't Add Up


Hi all ~ Newbie here, starting tomorrow. I filled in my data and got my recommended diet, including kcals, macronutrients, etc. When I placed the order, I noticed the Leucine was not on the list. I called in, and was told they found it wasn’t necessary so dropped it, but it’s still on the generated recommendations. Adding up what came with my V-Diet package, I’m over 100 kcals, 15g PRO, and 25g CHO short per day. Should I supplement something else? You really should update the calculator so everything is in agreement. Undertaking this diet is overwhelming enough without worrying about the numbers not adding up. ?


All you need to do is follow the plan and leave out the leucine, which contained no calories anyway. Some of the flavors have slightly different macros so the numbers are an estimate. Follow the shake and recovery drink guidelines and you’re good to go.