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Hey guys I officially started today (well yesterday for you guys, I work at night so its still a “day” for me)

First off I want to thank Chris and Chad and all associates that have worked on/participated on the V-Diet so far, it really is clear cut and laid out very well and everyone thats doing it sends out great motivation for others, and a good ass kicking for slackers (lol)!

Day 1- Done and in the books, got back from the gym a little while ago and I say I feel damn good, for just having shakes all day! Gym training went something like this:

DB Squat: 30lbs (yes I know its low) 1x40

DB Bench: 90lbs 1x14/13/6/7

Bent over Row: 50lbs 1x22/12/6

Plank Hold: 2x45 sec

Nepa: 30 min, 3.7 speed, incline 2 (its still fricken cold up here in ND, nice days Ill be outside)

I know the poundage is low, but I plan to increase gradually to challenge my body, the only question is (Chris or anybody) Do I want to increase weight when I am able to complete the 40 reps in less sets? or do I want to add weight every week regardless of sets?

I work 2 jobs and am mostly on my feet during those times so Nepa will stay at least a minimum of 30 min, I may gradually increase this over time.

Good Luck to everybody! Ill post stats and pics later

Pics :slight_smile:

Im going to post the rest of my pics on my page, The site keeps posting them in other places.

My past workouts have all been about strength, although I have put on some muscle in the process when i started I was around 170lbs and now I am 180lbs.

My goal for this year is to enroll into martial arts programs (main reason I do strength training) and to do more boxing, I feel that if im bulked out I will not have as much motion and flexibility…and yes my top half is shorter than my bottom half, I always look funny in tucked in shirt and tie!

How about some measurements so youcan accurately track your progress? Good luck!

[quote]kajoke240 wrote:

DB Squat: 30lbs (yes I know its low) 1x40[/quote]

I don’t think you’re doing this right.

You need to choose a weight that you can get 8-9 reps with MAX on the first set. Then you just do as many sets as needed to reach 40 total reps. You do NOT do 1 set of 40 super light reps.

Or did I misread something in your log?

[quote]kajoke240 wrote:

DB Bench: 90lbs 1x14/13/6/7

Bent over Row: 50lbs 1x22/12/6

Same is true here: you choose a weight that you can only get 8-9 reps with in the first set. See the “Load” section?

In other words, you’re going way too light.

Your sets should probably look more like this:

Set 1: 8 reps
Set 2: 8 reps
Set 3: 7 reps
Set 4: 6 reps
Set 5: 6 reps
Set 6: 5 reps

Yes its really that light for the first day…I am ashamed but at least now it will be corrected, I didnt want to lie in my log and make it sound more difficult than I made it. I guess today I was more concerned hitting the 40 reps, I slacked but at least you guys are here to make verbal whoopins if need be! (I had a 2 hour drive ahead of me and I was trying to make it to my destination before nap time, so I did slack alittle to cut time at the gym) I will definatly take care of that adjustment asap!

heres some stats:
Height: 6ft
Weight: 180lbs
Neck: 15"
Shoulders 44"
Chest Upper: 39"
Chest Lower: 37"
Waist Navel: 34"
Waist biggest: 34 1/2"
Hips Largest: 36 1/2"
Upper Arm L: 13"
Upper Arm R: 13"
Upper Leg L: 22"
Upper Leg R: 22"
Lower Leg L: 14 1/2"
Lower Leg R: 14 1/2"
Ankle L: 8 1/2"
Ankle R: 8 1/2"

Todays gonna suck for getting sleep, I gotta find a new apartment today while im here in another state, its gonna screw up my whole schedule a bit, but its not a workout day and I doubt there are some smoking hotties that are my age at the gyms here that already do not have kids…unless I go cougar hunting :slight_smile: but the gym is for work not play

and yes I did pack my shakes…also FYI not a fan of the last shake PB and choc. I also have strawberry and banana but thats prolly a worse mixture w/ peanut butter. Im alternating flavors otherwise during the day.

Thanks guys for the input! I wanna get this done right, figure less fat the more agile and light I can be for martial arts

I’ve been taking the Metabolic Drive for a few years now so I’m used to the flavors. Compared to everything else out there it’s so much better if you look at flavor/texture/clumping factor lol. Some of the other ones out there taste amazing, but you need a turbo-charged cement mixer to get all the clumps out.

My advice for your last shake with PB. Just take the shake and Flameout first. Then enjoy the PB separately. It’s what I look forward to every night. That and my Fiber Choice Tabs, I love those little suckers. Hope it helps.

Thats a good idea, although I have been conditioned to “normal” peanut butter my whole life, over time though im sure I can adjust to “natural” flavoring.

Today is another off day for me being I just got back into town and I work both of my jobs today. I already had my HSM which lacked cause it was not quite healthy which sucked cause my out of town friends wanted to go out and eat at a place that exactly doesn’t have the healthiest choices (truck stop)…

So I had a pepper jack burger w/o mayo and substituted fries with a garden salad w/o dressing… definatly not worth it in the long run but it tasted delicious.

being I drank the chocolate shake all day yesterday its slowly growing on me

Day 4:

I woke up today and took a look straight down at my belly and noticed it to be a little smaller, prolly cause there was nothing in there. Im sure some fat got chipped away now that my ass lets my pants slowly slip down as I walk, and those are my work pants I wear those all the time, so perhaps its working.

Other than that food temptations seem to be less. I also work in the “food” industry and lets just say I love fricken pizza and its hard to look at it sometimes without getting hungry.

Overall I feel pretty good…sometimes I feel a little tired.

Romanian DL: 115lbs 1x7/6 then I moved to the smith machine to finish the rest (I have really long legs and felt my knees were stopping me from doing them correctly)

Lat Pulldown: 160lbs 1x11/11/11/10/7

Standing Shoulder press 70lbs 1x7/8/6/7/6/6/10(took 1 min rest so i could do last 10)

Side Plank 2x 70 secs

after my workout I was really tempted for some whole wheat bread (since I have no white bread available) with a little PB but convinced myself Surge was better although raspberry is kinda gross

At this point im still committed but miss the several solid meals a day…especially fish (i love seafood). I cant wait till Tuesday I got salmon in the freezer!

Oh I also have to put some of my workouts back to back instead of a day between cause of conflicting work schedules, I also have been chewing sugar free gum ( I hope thats ok) to help with being used to chewing food all the time.

How’s it going Kaj… I will be doing measurements in the morning for my half way point! I kinda fell off the wagon this weekend sort a speak the wife wanted to party so I went out with her to the clubs and ate some eggs n steak afterwards…but the dancing was a great workout!

Oh well back to the grind tomorrow though back to dayshift and back to morning NEPA with her!

Its going good…so far. Its easier to stray from food but the shakes are getting gross (especially choc) So far I only had a piece of whole wheat bread w/ my PB so that technically strayed alittle. Today is my workout day and im planning to head out for NEPA in the next 5 min!

Hows it going on your end?

[quote]Nitedrifter wrote:
How’s it going Kaj… I will be doing measurements in the morning for my half way point! I kinda fell off the wagon this weekend sort a speak the wife wanted to party so I went out with her to the clubs and ate some eggs n steak afterwards…but the dancing was a great workout!

Oh well back to the grind tomorrow though back to dayshift and back to morning NEPA with her![/quote]

I will be watching out for em, Im curious to see your progress so far. I think Ill do measurements after my 2nd week

Hello everyone, I am still alive and still kicking ass. This is my second week (almost 3rd) and now I have no problem with shakes or craving food. This will be easy now, except the workouts. My HSM this week was Salmon cooked on the grill topped of with veggies (I added a can of mushrooms)and just a little whole wheat speghetti. it was delicious. Ill post my workouts later

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