Just Started V-Diet Today

  1. Today was a workout day - it is 8 pm and I had my recovery drink at 6pm after my workout. I might be able to get down my dinner shake but can’t imagine also fitting in the bedtime shake. Can I skip that last shake?

  2. Can I ever use less water to make a pudding like paste to eat with a spoon as long as I drink the additional required water?


  1. You don’t want to drop calories too low, and the V-Diet is already low, or you could lose muscle or negatively affect metabolism.

There is some wiggle room built into the plan though, so you can tweak it a little to fit your individual needs. You can add or subtract one scoop of Metabolic Drive for the day, and you can cut the flax seed in half if you’d like. This will drop some calories and reduce the feeling of fullness. But I would not suggest you go past that.

  1. Yes! I did that myself when formulating the V-Diet.

Keep me posted.

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