Just Started V-Diet Day 1


Hi there,
Starting the V-Diet today - just had shake #1. I’m currently 5 feet 11 inches, 193#; have put on 25 pounds in the last year. Is there a place in the forums where V-Dieters can blog/journal their entire experience?


Sure is. Right here:

Welcome aboard!


hi mapepa i am the same stats as you 5 11 /192 pounds start V-Diet on monday keep in touch and we can check on each others progress if you want that is, a sort of training buddy let me know.


Gman, that would be great. I need the extra motivation already.

So far, I’ve followed the diet to the letter, but allowed myself to chew sugar-free gum and drink diet soda (not sure if the latter is allowed). In terms of how I feel:

  • I think of food about every 2 minutes
  • I’m not necessarily “hungry”, but I’m light-headed, low-energy, have headaches, and generally feeling like crap
  • I’m taking one HOT-ROX per day, at lunch time, and that helps the hunger pangs
  • Starting Day 2 afternoon, I’ve been in the bathroom constantly - with my BM’s being pure liquid.

Is this par for the course?

PS: Gman, what was your waist? I wear 34 waste pants (very tight and one reason why I started the diet - my clothes don’t fit), but I was shocked to measure 40.5 inches on the tape measure yesterday!


sorry for delay getting back to you
i have the same waist problem lol
34 trousers but did measure 40 ins now 38ins
man i just want rid of my beer gut that is were all my weight is
and this diet seems to help with that
i am starting the diet tommorow and have been taking these shakes as breakfast and lunch and eating a dinner for three days now and touch wood it has been ok


the light head and stuff probably comes from the HOT-ROX, fat burners are quite high in caffiene and stuff they raise your metabolism by making you warmer and your heart slightly faster i.e to make your body think it is working harder to burn calories.i have been using them, and the first day i thought i was on anphetamines lol.{but they do work stick with them]


Thanks. Day 3 was a bit better. Amazing how central food is to your day, when you longer have it.

For full motivation and embarrassment, here are my Day 1 pictures.