Just Started V-Diet - Broth?

My wife and I started the V-Diet Monday. We’ve had our moments of weakness. But I think I’ve found a way around them. We used some powdered chicken broth (tsp) with about 12 oz of water and it helped kill the psychological urge to eat. Been doing great so far. The wife has lost 7lbs and I’ve lost 8lbs. Now I’m sure that’s mostly a GI dump with a little fat loss, but it boosts the motivation anyway.

We also have a hand held BF analyzer and a scale we’re using along with a tape measure.

I’m just posting for feedback on the broth thing. There can only be minimal calories to it and it should help with sodium intake.

Hot peppermint tea is best. I don’t recommend broth.

Careful with the handheld body fat tester. They’re notoriously inaccurate and inconsistent.

I’ll try the tea then.

The BF analyzer is just a ballpark, I know. I can change my reading by changing the firmness of my grip. We are just watching for the long term trend to change and it’s only a supplement to our tape measure.

FYI here’s a link ( )to the one we’re using.( I don’t remember paying that much for though)

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