Just Started the V-Diet Today

I’ve been a lurker for a while and I finally decided to get off my ass and do something. I realized I have a problem with food so I decided to the V-Diet.

I felt I seriously kicked ass in the gym today though I think I could go a little harder next round (using Chad’s beginner V-Diet workout).

I know it’s only the first day but it’s already kind of hard. Mainly because I feel like I’m seriously stuffing myself with these shakes. I decided to look on these forums to see if I could get some support and only ended up confused.

I’m a 172lbs. 5’6, 26 year old woman. I used the calculations on the Figure Athlete site and came up with 1369 on non-weight days and 1711 on weight days. I don’t think my math was wrong on this but the confusing thing to me is that I saw Chris giving a recommendation that was lower to someone who weighs more than me as well as others who weigh more going lower on their calories. I don’t wanna screw myself over going too low, but at the same time it would be nice not to feel like I stuffed myself sick after most meals.

Any thoughts?

And thank god for the walks, I think I would’ve been stiff all day if it wasn’t for that.

Try this formula instead:

(10.2 x body weight + 879) x .50 = _______ x .8 = _______

(10.2 x body weight + 879) x .60 = _______ x .8 = _______

Okay, I’ll give that formula a shot. Thank you for the quick reply, I really appreciate it.

Go Surge! I thought with how sore I was all day yesterday after my workout that I’d be practically unable to move. I was a little stiff (still slightly sore) and the walk took care of most of that. Thank you Biotest for making such a great product.

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