Just Started, Couple of Small Concerns

Hey all, just started the diet. Ran into some small concerns that may be nothing but I’d like to hear what others have experienced. I’m running the expert lifting program. I plan on running through this program just as it was laid out regardless

  1. The training plan is about 1/3 of what I normally do, and 3 days a week rather that 5 or 6. I know more isn’t always better but it’s difficult to convince myself not to modify anything. It took about 25 minutes to complete, so I just hopped on the treadmill and did my NEMA walk at a 1.5 incline while I was already there. Should it take longer…?

  2. Overhead squats are very awkward for me, my balance is probably just awful. The bar keeps wanting to come forward on the way down which is how it appears to be in the example on the pdf. Keeping the bar heavy enough to do a 5RM squat vs doing the same overhead is a totally different story. Should I just take it down to 135 until I get used to the movement/form?

  3. Plazma tastes like berry flavored vomit…did I get a bad batch by chance, or was it perhaps some leftover metabolic drive protein in the bottom that mixed in with it?

6’ 244lb 15-17%bf

That sounds pretty fast, yeah. You got through 5+ sets of 4-5 exercises in just 25 minutes? They’re meant to be straight sets, not a circuit or supersets. Understand that the lifting is to preserve muscle mass and nudge progress along slightly, but the nutrition approach is responsible for the majority of actual fat loss.

The shoulder stabilizers are a common limiting factor with overhead squats. I’d either reduce the weight to whatever you can manage with good form or swap it out for something like Zercher squats or goblet squats (probably not front squats though, since those are done in a different workout).

I’d lean towards this being the issue. Any kind of “leftover” dried protein powder in a shaker can get funky since it is a milk product. (If it was still liquid, like a sip of the shake that you didn’t finish, again I’d say that’s the likely culprit.) But the berry flavoring is pretty strong if you use too much, so it may take a few tries to dial in what tastes best to you.


Thanks for responding so quickly. I did the Barbell Rows with something I could row about 5 times maybe even 6. 30 second rest between each set. I tried to keep it at 30 seconds between exercises but had to re-rack weights and wait for someone to finish their dips.

Barbell Rows were 6 sets for 20 reps at 225lb with 30 second rest in between. I’d guess my HR was somewhere around 140ish while doing this because it was a bit faster paced than I’m used to. Previously I’d allow about a min between sets before the diet then lower the weight a tad and do a finisher set.

Set 1 - 5
Set 2 - 4
Set 3 - 4
Set 4 - 3
Set 5 - 3
Set 6 - 1

Over head Squats I fumbled with because it was new to me. After an attempted set with those I finally ditched the 225 and racked 335 on the bar and did regular squats until I could research the form a bit more and ask someone. I’ll look into what you suggested if the next attempt isn’t any better.

That was a pretty quick set
4 sets of 5

Dips were weighted with two 25lb plates on a chain strap
Set 1 - 3 were 5 each
Set 4 was 4
Set 5 was the remaining rep which I barely finished.

Ab Rollout was uneventful. I had never done that either so it was awkward and more challenging that I assumed. 4 sets of 5. I may need to try and reach further out next time.

At this point I looked at the clock and only 25 minutes had gone by. I resisted doing anything else weight wise and got on the treadmill to do my NEMA since I still had time. I have a feeling that the nutrition aspect and the carb levels are going to take my performance down a few pegs the further I get into it. So it may take longer to complete as time goes on.

Thanks again!

That could be a factor, though Plazma during the session will help avoid that.

Yeah, doing more “stuff” just for the sake of doing more stuff is pretty much always the wrong call, so the treadmill was a good decision. At the end of the day, as long as you follow the protocol as laid out and keeping an eye on the clock, you’re on track. The quality and intensity of the work is what counts, so if that’s in place, keep with it.

Today was pretty brutal. 45 seconds sounds like a long break…but it’s not. 10 sets of dumbbell bench, about the same on pull ups.

Plazma was definitely better in a different bottle. I’ve been using 1/2 teaspoon though and that’s potent, think i’ll cut that in half on Monday.

Down a belt notch and 9lbs after 3 days. Amazing what not eating much solid food will do for your waist line. Excited to see the next few weeks.

I hear ya. I recently finished a different workout designed by Chad Waterbury. One day was just single arm/leg dumbbell work and would look something like: 12 reps row (left arm), 12 reps row (right arm), 40 seconds rest, 12 reps overhead press (left arm), 12 reps overhead press (right arm), 40 seconds rest, 12 reps reverse lunge (left leg), 12 reps reverse lunge (right leg), 40 seconds rest… repeat for 3-4 sets. I. Wanted. To. Die.

Good to hear. The liquid flavorings do take a little fine tuning. I used to use a full cap and eventually dialed it down to a little over half-cap. If you have something other than berry, you can also try mixing them, like part orange/part berry or part lemon/part berry.

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