Just Realised How Out of Shape I've Gotten


Having a girl pinch my stomach and tell em how cute my new belly is caused me to look at myself in the mirror.

I’ve been very limited in what I can do over the last year due to a severe bulging disc l5-S1 (I can walk though!!!).
Used to be doing weights 3/week, and BJJ 3-5/week.
However, my diet has cleaned up a lot.

3rd August 2012;
180cms, 87kgs, 18%bf


Side view


Back view


son, just because you’re out of shape due to an injury, does not mean your fat, and should have slapped the
girl…i would more than be happy if i had your body. now i’m fat…6 surgeries in the last
5 yrs, both knees,left shoulder(took me 2 1/2 almost 3 before i was completely healthy and pain free to
work out again)left wrist,2 cochlear implants, and the death of my father to compound these isssues. i’m
60 lbs over weight and considered obeese.

i’ve got my work cut out for me and figure it’ll take a yr or less
to get down to normal weight and look forward to working out again. go see your doc and figure out what you have to do and you’ll be in shape quickly because you are under 30 and shold not be a problem for you.