Just Heard About V-Diet in Australia


hi chris,
im new to this site as i’ve only just heard about the V-Diet (a bit delayed i know). anyway im from australia and was wondering if there was anywhere here that stocks the bio test products that are required to complete the diet properly?

also is there any side effects that i should be wary of when doin the V-Diet, i hear that the Surge drink can give you the shakes and i just wanted to make sure that if that is the case that it is something i should expect and not be worried about… also do any of the other shakes have any effects i should be concerned with?

i know it sounds a bit silly but i just wanna know what im getting myself into so i can prepare myself as best as possible… im currently 6ft4inches and 104kg(230pound)…i used to work out regularly but the past few years have gone by with me sittin on my butt!! i know im overweight and definatly unfit so i just wanna be cautious but at the same time i wanna jump straight into this and go hard!!

your quick response will be greatly appreciated.



Surge cannot “give you the shakes.” That’s silly. It’s protein, carbs, and aminos.

Please contact Biotest customer service for availability in Australia. As far as I know, most just order the V-Diet package from this site and pay for extra shipping.


hi Chris, thanks for the quick reply… yeh i saw the shakes post on a different forum so i thought it would be best to ask you guys to make sure it was all good…

appreciate the feedback, will chase up the bio test products and get stuck into it soon.

thanks mate