Just got my Order, Any Suggestions

Just got 3x Meta Drive
2x Surge recovery
2x packs of MD bars
1x BCAA 300g.

I usually head to the gym around 9pm-10pm at night after I eat dinner. Any suggestions on how I should spread out my supps

I was thinking MD shake in the morning. I usually mix with banana, yoghurt, milk etc. then Have an omelette 30min-1 hou after

Maybe another shake/bar before dinner around 4-5pm?? or perhaps save this one before bed.

For my workout, what is the best way to take surge recovery, I was thinking just have a shake after. so would be around 11pm,

But then I’m usually going to bed midnight-1am anyway so should I take another MD shake then? or a bar?

Also not confident on when to take my BCAA’s , any suggestions? I was thinking with my surge post WO

Any advice would be appreciated.
Even if you think I should swap out any products for something else. I was thinking perhaps surge workout fuel instead of recovery, maybe I will try that next.

For <a href=""target=“new”>Surge Recovery, follow the label (it’s a post-workout drink.)

You do not need to add BCAAs to Surge Recovery. It already has you covered. Just have a serving of BCAA with a couple of meals or protein shakes per day.

Many people do like a Metabolic Shake or bar before bed. Up to you when you have one. It’s basically a meal replacement shake.

Metabolic Drive bars are simply protein snacks. Have one whenever you want.

In the future, you may to upgrade your workout nutrition plan to <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma. (You won’t need Surge when using Plazma.)

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