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Just getting started here i am wondering what to take to help with weight loss. I am also wanting something for testosterone, i was wondeting about the rez-v, indigo 3G, carboline g, and the alpha male any thoughts?


Out of all those, Alpha Male and Rez-V are an effective T-boosting stack. The Rez-V acts as a natural anti-estrogen which perfectly complements Alpha Male’s natural Test boosters.

Indigo-3G is great for helping to get your nutrition in order. It works best if you’re smart with carb intake, not necessarily following a strictly-low carb diet, because it needs carbs to do its job as a nutrient partitioner. Even something like a basic carb cycling diet would be a good place to start.

And actually, instead of Carbolin 19 (which is tricky to use in conjunction with Alpha Male, because it’s one of the ingredients in Alpha Male and you don’t want to overlap them), I’d suggest getting some good workout nutrition. Surge Workout Fuel is a good start. A scoop during weight training sessions should improve your performance during the session and help cut down on soreness after the workout and boost recovery.


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