Just Finished and Have Some Takeaways

I just finished my V-Diet and I am happy with my results. From this I found a few things that I would like to share with anybody else that wants to do this.

1st tip, make sure you look at the V-Diet recipes for your HSM they are awesome and will help change your style of cooking even after the V-Diet.

2nd tip, I would suggest getting one of those activity trackers, they help with your NEPA walks and if you have friends you can continue to challenge each other with them. I personally use a Fitbit and I like it because Fitbit also has a scale that reads BF % (although I don’t know how accurately) and everything is automatically uploaded to an online dashboard where you can also input body measurements.

3rd tip, get out there and do it and laugh at people who are questioning you because they don’t have the commitment or fortitude to better themselves

I’d like to add a few things. Some I learned from struggling HARD a few years ago with the old V-Diet, and some I’m learning now as I’m going through the new one.

  1. Drink water. You probably think you’re getting enough, but you’re not. If you feel bloated, icky, hungry or cranky, check your water intake first.

  2. Find new ways to mix your shakes. Chocolate with peppermint extract. Chocolate and banana. Vanilla with instant coffee powder and a dash of cinnamon. Get creative and save the good ones for later in the day - you’ll have something to look forward to!

  3. Perspective plays a HUGE role. This is NOT a punishment. If you look at it as one, it’s going to feel like one. This is a chance to refeed your body. You are LUCKY to have the opportunity to voluntarily choose this diet, and to have the knowledge, experience, and support of a whole whack of people who’ve gone before you.

  4. Food is fuel. Food is also culture, family, emotion, and tradition. Use this time to learn what roles food plays in your life. Start eating deliberately, and make every meal (and indulgence) count. Life is too short for low fat cheese and sugar free chocolate. Get the good stuff, enjoy it, and get on with it.

  5. You’re halfway through week two and want to cheat, or just give up entirely? Alright. Grab a glass of water. Now, walk yourself through the steps of that cheat. The purchase of that chocolate bar. How it’s going to taste. How it’s going to make you feel while you’re enjoying it. Now, has it fixed anything in your day? Do you feel better about your decisions? Probably not. But you also probably don’t want it as much anymore now, either. A lot of our cravings are mindless, use this month to make your decisions to eat deliberate instead.

  6. Make sure your HSMs have enough fiber (soluble and insoluble).

It’s not an easy month, but it’s far from impossible.

+1 on the activity tracker. I didn’t get one until after the V-diet, but it has definitely helped me stay more active. The one I have also has a thing to track weight on the app.

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