Just Doing the V-Diet Workouts?

Ive read throught the diet and training and i think the knowledge and science behind is amazing. I like to think i know more than the average man and im doing an advanced personal trainer course with refered populations. So the speel on the alzimers patients was an amazing amount of effort and knowledge to discover.

But anyway on to my point…
Im 6ft 3 and weigh around 13stone…ive been training for a few years but i always get persuaded to try new programs often. My diet has not been on track until the start of last year (08) and still doesnt fit in perfect…manly due to me being a creature of habit. Im not the biggest guy in the gym but im by no means the smallest.

I only have 2 visible abs (tops) and some ribs… my aim would be two strip my fat and start as a blank canvas as it were. I tried the german body compistion for 6 weeks and all that i seemed to trim up was my arms (not what i intended)…then went on to do GVT which did add a bit of bulk to me (not a huge amount).

recently i had to have a minor opertation in hospital which meant i couldnt eat for 48 hours, i was feed purely by a drip!! I noticed that 4 abs came into show by a looked skinier and weaker.

What id like to know is that if i was to take part on the V-Diet but not the actually diet just the training program could i effectly still lean out to show the defination on me whilst adding some lean mass to me?!? My diet would be of a normal protien carb intake.

I know that gbc can keep and add some lean mass but wasnt to sure about this program.

I love the idea of cluster sets and in my mind i feel that if i add extra weight (although still following the program properly with RM etc and rest periods) could i effectly add size whilst becoming shredded??

Many thanks

I firmly believe that, for most people, whether body fat is lost or not depends much more on the diet and not the training. Of course, I think weight training has to be part of it, but as I always write, “You can’t out-train a bad diet.”

So will V-Diet training lead to fat loss? Sure, if you’re eating to support fat loss.

Can V-Diet training be used for a “bulking” program. Well, it’s not designed for that, but if you eat to support mass gains then sure, it would work for that too. It’s a tough weight training program after all.

I once used Coach Waterbury’s ABBH program to lose 10 pounds. Then later in the year I used it to gain 10 pounds. Same program. The difference? The types and amount of food I put into my mouth.

Hope that helps put things in perspective!

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