Just Beginning the V-Diet

Hi Chris

I have just recently started the V Diet and currently on day four. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with the last couple of days because I am starting to get really sick of the taste of the protein shakes. I was thinking of adding a daily HSM meal or even one more to the week so I’d be eating two a week. I tend to eat pretty healthy so I think it wouldn’t affect my progress that much. I also read about the V Diet Lite and am considering it. Or should I just keep the diet and try to toughen it out? What do you recommend I should do?

I’d suggest you stick with it. The monotony helps you get over food addictions and “false hunger” signals triggered by certain food.

Then why do you need an extreme diet?

If you must add more solid meals, feel free to run them by me here and I’d take a look at them. Tip: Avoid wheat and milk in these meals.

It does kind of suck trying to get used to drinking the shakes all the time but trust me, after about 5-7 days its really not that bad/hard anymore. Try mixing up the combinations of protein flavors instead of just using one flavor all the time. I started out with a chocolate/vanilla combo at first and got sick of it so I switched to chocolate/banana creme and it tastes awesome. I can’t tell you from experience but I have heard and hope it will be worth it to stick it out. Im on day 12 btw.

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