July 31- Aug 7


No weight loss this week ; / but I feel good… I seem to have more energy throughout the day.
To mix things up I decided to mix flavors together (1 scoop chocolate/1 Scoop strawberry)or (strawberry/ banana) it definitely helped me get through the second week. I have a craving for veggie this week, not sure why cause I usually don’t eat veggies…I’m more of a steak/ potato and skip the veggie kind of guy, but for my meal on Sunday I will make sure I get my bowl of veggies.

Looking forward to the third week and ready for change! :wink:


Remember, scale weight isn’t that important. The body can fluctuate 5-6 pounds over the course of 1 day. Pay more attention to those tape measurements, which tell the real story. Sure hope you took them!


I sure did and it went form 41 waist to a 37.5 so it is definitely good results. For the third week I have lost another 4 lbs…currently at 168 lbs from 172.