JPB83's Second V-Diet

Hey V-Dieters,

      This is my second time doing the V-Diet.  I did it in August of '08 and it was a pretty big success.  At the time i weighed 210lbs and have been pretty overweight for almost 2 1/2 years. I lost a total of 24 lbs. when I did the diet and felt amazing. I followed the diet pretty much to the T besides occasionally missing a NEPA walk.

       Unfortunately I did not log my progress during my first diet and in wish I had. I also never took any official before and after pictures but from other people's reactions and my own opinion it was very successful.  I continued to lose weight during the transition period and after and was down to about 164 lbs. but lifting more than I was at any other time.  

      After I graduated school and started working full time, I started to skip my healthy meals in favor or dinning out and snacking.  I now manage a C-store at a gas-station at which I've worked at for the last 3 months. I have gained approximately 15-20 lbs from snacking on garbage.  

      I'm on my second day of this current V-Diet and this time I am logging my progress and doing the pre-diet work for support and the satisfaction of seeing the results of my efforts.  I took before pictures which are at the moment being mailed from my phone to my mail box and took measurements.

     I did my NEPA walk yesterday and followed the meals exactly as listed on my program.  The new 3.0 system is awesome and made it much simpler to plan out my meals.  Today I hit the gym and did the beginner workouts and a 30 min NEPA walk.  I like to do 1 hour NEPA walks on my non-workout days (4.0 spd/2.0 incline) for 4 miles and 30 min on workout days. I plan to do the V-Burn on Saturdays. 

   My measurements are:

Height-= 5’9
Weight-= 180 lbs
Neck-= 14.5’
Shoulders- 42’
Chest = 39 3/4’
Waist - at Navel= 38’
Waist - at largest= 37’
Upper Arm - L= 11’
Upper Arm - R= 11’
Upper Leg - L= 22’
Upper Leg - R= 22’
Lower Leg - L= 14’
Lower Leg - R=14’


2nd pic

3rd pic

    Well today was the third day of the diet.  It went pretty well.  For some reason my ass was dragging all day until i got off work around 4 and did an hour of NEPA walking.  Hunger has not really been an issue at all except for a few intense periods.  I found that that is when temptation hits and I start to look and the unhealthy foods. But i just remind myself that nothing can possibly taste better than the feeling of a strong, fit body.

    I've found that my cravings for non-diet food leave pretty much immediately after I have one of my shakes. I have not weighed myself again and do not plan to until Sunday morning which personally isn't too difficult as I am more concerned with feeling and looking good than with what I actually weigh. 

    Looking forward to tomorrows workout.  The girlfriend comes back into town tomorrow which I'm excited about but not looking forward to the negative mentality she has about the diet. She thinks it's a starvation diet and i've tried numerous times to explain how it is not at all but i'm feeling very positive and commited to staying on track and do not think it will be much of an issue.  Like the Top 10 fail factors post for the diet says, I'm not an actor in someone else's play.

Well Day 4 in pretty much done with. Everything went great. I did my workouts and 30 min of NEPA walking. I love the taste of the Surge Recovery shake, its like a special treat that makes me really want to workout.

I can already notice a difference in my body shape. I’ve had to add a notch on my belt already and my pants feel looser. I plan to do my first HSM meal tomorrow and I think I will go get a nice fish fillet with some asperagus and broccoli.

The girlfriend came back and i briefly struggled with wanting to go out to eat with her but to progress I have already made helped me stay on corse. I fact that i was completely sick and tired of being fat and flabby and angry about it is keeping the motivation strong. I also found I like the structure of being on the diet. Plus my expenditures are way down since the diet because I’m not wasting money on junk food and eating out.

I have also found that knowing I am going to post on here at night and report on my progress is another motivating factor in keeping strictly to the diet and not deviating at all. Feeling great and going strong, will keep you guys posted on the progress.

Day 5 is over. I have my HSM. It was a 6 oz new york strip where i cut off the fat and a asperagus and mushrooms with some A1 sauce. It was awesome. I found it refreshing to cook my own meal rather than ordering out or microwaving some crap.

Not only was it rather relaxing and rewarding but I want to get into the habit of cooking my own meals once i transition off the diet and stop relying on others to prepare my food.

I also did my NEPA walk today for 45 min for a total of 3 miles. I was feeling pretty hungry most of today and by the end of my NEPA i was just dying to eat. Looking forward to tomorrows workout. I am not looking forward to the V-Burn Challenge on Sat.

Tomorrow I plan to wake up a little earlier than normal to get my workout in before work and see how that feels. I hate going to the gym after a 10 hour day at work and I think it will be a great way to start the day. I’ll keep you guys posted on my progress.

Sounds like you have some great progress and motivation going. Forget about what the girlfriend says with the diet. If she wants to read about it, let her do it. But you know that if you don’t stick to this diet to a T, you won’t lose that weight. You might eat a little better for a few days, but it will all go to hell within a week or so.

Also, one of the things that should be emphasized more about the HSM is getting in the habit of cooking something for yourself. If you try to reward a week’s worth of hard work by eating some fatty steak, an iceberg salad loaded with sugary dressing, and some baked potato, that isn;t acutally healthy. Nor is it good to have someone else cook the food for you.

A huge part of the V-Diet is really breaking those shitty habits you have. The only way to maintain healthy eating habits after the V-Diet is to learn to cook delicious and healthy food at home.

Good luck with the rest of the week. Hope to see some nice pictures and progress come sunday!

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