Journey to 190


So here is the story. I’ve worked out my entire life. Pretty much have always been a 3 rep pyramid style workout guy going typically three days a week. I’ve always had a hard time trying to cut down, mainly because I was never able to keep the self discipline up for 3-4 months that are typical with most diets, and because I love carbs and beer.

So when I found the V-Diet this last November I was pumped. I really loved the idea of seeing fast results but also really wanted to kill alot of the bad food habits that I had created for myself. I had a trip planned to Hawaii in mid December and was tired of looking like a lard in all the pictures so I decided to go on the diet at the end of November and did 2 1/2 weeks. Went from 233 to 212. After we got back I slacked off big time. I ate horrible, drank like a fish and didnt really work out at all. Anyways long story short, back up to 228. Im going to do the diet normal for the first two weeks then add at least one pulse a week (try for two a week) for the last two weeks. Im going to stick to the workout suggested. Ive never posted but figure it might help be more accountable for what I do. So here are my stats starting off.

Height= 74"
Weight= 228.8lbs
Neck= 16.5"
Shoulders= 52.5"
Chest Up= 43.5"
Chest Lw= 44.5"
Waist Nvl= 43"
Waist Largest= 43.5"
Hips Largest= 42"
Upper Arm= 16.5"
Upper Leg= 25"
Lower Leg= 14.5"
Ankle= 10"

My end goal is 190. I carry alot of weight in my spare tire area and I know that alot is sub abdominal. This is what is starting to worry me the most as this is what causes alot of serious health problems. I dont know what my official BF % is but Im thinking its in the mid to high 20s. Im going to the gym today and Im going to have it tested. Wanted to get the Hydro test but the only one I could find is being remodeled and wont be up for a couple of weeks. Started the diet today and am doing a M W F workout sched. Here goes Nothing, well actually hopefully alot.


Welcome to the forums. This is my third time doing the diet and first posting a log. I’m only on day 3 but I can already see its keeping me more accountable. Wish you the best.


Here is a pic from the start. Went to the gym today and got my BF% Done



1 week progress report-

wght= 221 down 7 lbs
Measurements only change is waist down 1"

getting BF% done today at the gym.


Awesome. Keep us updated!