JosieNJ V-Diet - Start Date 12/29/2008

I’m currently on Day Seven of my VDiet. I have been tracking my T-Page on FA, but have decided to move my journal to this site.

Below is a recap of my first week:

I slowly eased into the diet by replacing one to two meals a day with a shake. Monday was my first full day on the diet and all is going well. At times I have to psych myself up in the morning to keep it going but soon as I pop the HOT-ROX my mood totally changes. There has to be some mood enhancements in that supp.

I decided to follow the suggested workouts with only a couple modifications. Instead of reverse lunge I’m doing reverse lunge with twist and doing single leg romanian deads with dumbbells instead of regular romanian deads with dumbbells. I’ve only been working out steadily for a year so I’m doing the beginners workout.

Some people have been complaining that these workouts are hard to be down in a commercial gym. I set my self up with all my equipment first and then do my sets. I’ve noticed a lot more people in the gym during my regular times lately and suspect this is because most have off from work. I haven’t had a problem yet. I expect there to be another surge in January. I’ll have to see how my workouts go with the new years resolution gym goers.

Workout 1:
Boy, brutal workout. I started to feel my back round on the last set of conventional deads so I had to stop, reset before each lift. I really don’t want to drop my weight on this (I love lifting my bw), but if my form suffers again next week I will.

Wed - Workout went well.

Monday Weight: 156

Thursday: 149 Pretty sure H20 , but hoping to continue to lose a least 2 pounds a week.

Friday, I am having my first meal and can not wait! Steak, yam, and some form of greens.

The hardest thing for me is that I got george foreman grill for Xmas and can’t wait to use it. This week I’m going out for my meal with a friend, maybe next week I’ll use the grill cause I don’t think I can wait 23 more days!

posted 01/02/2009 at 12:47PM

Its Friday and that means my solid meal :slight_smile:

Thought I would post my workouts that I completed for the week.

All workouts have a fast tempo. I warm up with a 25lb plate b4 each workout by doing squat to overhead swings, twists, and I raise the plate up to my chin. Then do a few body weight squats and while in the low position move around to open up the hips. Finish warm up with a few lunges.

Monday: Sipped on Surge during
Progression each week add a circuit
A1-A3 5X
A1 Pulldowns palms facing me 4x
100,/4 110/4, 110/4, 110/4, 110/4

A2 Deadlift
155/4, 155/4, 155/4, 155/4, 155/4 As mentioned earlier, may drop the weight if my form suffers again.

A3 Decline Bench Press
25 each hand/4, 25/4, 25/4, 25/4, 25/4

Side Planks 30 seconds each side

Wednesday: Forgot Surge in car.
Progression knock off 5 seconds rest
35 seconds Rest
Repeat 4 times
A1 Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press
20 each hand/6, 20/6, 20/6, 20/6

A2 Alternating reverse lunge with twist (Official WO, reverse lunge)
10 pound plate/6, 10/6, 10/6, 10/6

A3 One arm dumbbell rows, May switch to one point row next week
25 each hand/6, 30/6, 30/6, 30/6

B1 Overhead triceps extension dumbbell
15/6, 17.5/6, 17.5/6, 17.5/6

B2 Standing Hammer curls palms facing in. I focused on keeping my elbows glued to my side. This exercise is awkward when doing it correctly because my hips get in the way when I go all the way down.
15 each hand/6, 15/6, 15/6, 15/6

B3 BW Squat Focused on squeezing my glutes for 3 seconds when in the top position
15/6, 15/6, 15/6, 15/6

2 sets of planks 45 seconds
When I finished NROL4W I was up to 2 minutes. The progression here is 10 seconds each week. I may bump this up to 20 seconds.

NEPA: 30 minutes
Friday: Sipped on Surge Progression add an additional rep
Rest 30 seconds. Repeat 3 times
A1 One legged Romanian Dumbbell deadlifts (Official workout calls for Romanian Dumbbell deadlifts)
25 each hand/8,25/8, 25/8

A2 Pushups using bench 30 degrees
8, 8, 8 Will start on floor next week then finish at 30 degree if needed

A3 Widegrip pulldowns
90/8, 90/8, 85/8 Had to drop weight because form was suffering. My legs started to jump up and down during this exercise like crazy. Last time my leg jumped like that was when I was a dancer and it only happened after I finished dancing.

B1 YTWL (Official WO calls for dumbbell side raises)
7.5 each hand/8, 7.5/8, 7.5/8, 7.5/8

B2 Bent over row
20 each hand/8, 20/8, 20/8

B3 V-Sit Up and Russian twist (Official WO called for reverse crunch)
20 seconds V-Sit followed by 60 russian twists (30 each side) , 3X

NEPA: 20 minutes

V-Diet Day 5 Meal

posted 01/02/2009 at 07:09PM

After I posted the last entry I calculated how many calories my meal for today would take on Fitday. I decided to skip my mid afternoon shake to allow more room for my meal. This evening I will have a 1 scope shake.

Well, I was planning on going out to eat. Actually went to the Steakhouse and met my friend who was steadily talking on the cell phone so I left. Went across the street to Whole Foods and got me a six ounce filet, a petite sweet potato, salad greens, and broccoli. Got to use my George Foreman grill earlier that I expected and I haven’t tasted anything so good! I was so excited to eat solid food, I finished my steak before my broccoli and sweet potato was finished cooking. I made sure to wait twenty minutes before deciding rather or not to eat more. I had just the right amount of food!

When making my son’s dinner I caught myself about to nibble on his steamed broccoli. All this week I wasn’t even tempted to eat his food, but after I had mine today I wanted some :frowning: .

Hopefully this temptation will go away once I start on my shakes again. Which will be in about an hour.

Fitday journal

VDiet Day 6

posted 01/03/2009 at 07:19PM

Today was a true test of my will power. I had to bowl today and I was surrounded by snack bar food and candy. Also alcohol but that didn’t tempt me since I am not one that bowls and drinks. My league started at 11:30 and since its 5 man team, we didn’t finish till 3:00. Thats bowling through two of my “meals”. I brought my 11:30 shake with me to the alley and my pills. I underestimated how hungry I would get. The third game completely dragged on and I could not wait to get home to have my birdseed shake! I took my fiber tabs around 1:30 but my mind started to get cloudy towards the end of the third game. It also had an impact on my driving. I felt I was all over the road. I’m glad I finished my game strong though and my team won all three games :slight_smile: Next week, I’m bringing two shakes with my fiber tabs.

I was invited to a get together tonight: cards and drinks. I’m going to have to skip that tonight because I want to make sure I stay focused. I may be able to handle a get together like that in a couple weeks.

Can’t believe six days already!

Day Seven:

This is the first day I’m experiencing a slight headache. I think it was caused by me being a half an hour late for one of my drinks. On another note, I’ve have decided to increase the amount of flax in my shake in order to help somethings along.

Starting weight: 156
Day Seven weight: 148.8 :slight_smile:

This is so encouraging. I can’t believe the amount dropped without performing traditional cardio. I’m hoping next week will go just as smooth.

Once I locate my USB cable, which can be anywhere if my son got a hold of it, I will upload my current photos.

Liking 2009!

Day eight:

I did my Monday workout today during the afternoon instead of in the morning time. I noticed a difference in my energy level today versus what it was last Monday. I think the main difference is that last Monday I did my workout about two hours after HOT-ROX and a shake. Today I did my workout 5 hours after my HOT-ROX and a few shakes.

I had to drop my weight on my pull downs to 105 after the 4th set and lowered my weight on Deadlift to 145.

7 circuits :-0
30 seconds rest

Pulldowns palms facing me
110/4, 110/4, 110/4, 110/4, 105/4, 105/4, 105/4

145/4 * 7

Decline Bench Press
25/4 * 7 increase to 30 because I felt I could do a few more

Ab work - V - Situp with stability ball.

Other than my decrease in weight, workout went well. Love circuit type training and the looks I get from others, you know the she’s nuts look, as I jump from exercise to exercise.

i LOVE seeing those results…keep it up, girl…hoo-rah!

I really wanted beef jerky today! Not sure why that of all things.

I’m trying to stay away from the scale except for on my weigh in days. But I can’t help myself from looking in the mirror to see how my jeans are fitting. They are getting looser already! Chris mentioned we will need to buy new jeans, but I would like to add, we will need to buy new workout clothes as well! Monday I felt like I was drowning in my pants and had to roll down the top so I could keep my mp3 clipped on the waist. I have to say though that I am feeling squisher around my mid-section. Can’t wait to get rid of this surplus fat.

I’ve started looking into different training programs I can follow post V-Diet transition. So far Rachel Cosgrove attack the fat program which lasts 8 weeks is a strong possibility.

Part One

Part Two



Nice work! It is a good motivator to follow your thread since you are a few days ahead of me! I am starting to go through the clothes thing too which is amazing since it has only been 6 days. HSM is on Friday for me and measurements to come soon afterwards.

THanks for the posts! pics!


Thanks for stopping through M. I read through others journals as well for some motivation to keep going.

Day 10 (Already)

I’m starting to find it harder to “eat” my shakes. I’ll find out Friday when I have my meal how much my appetite has changed. Haven’t decided yet on what I’m going to eat, but do know I will make it on my George Foreman.

Workout today went well.
Rest 30 seconds
A1 Dumbbell press 20 lbs, 6 *3
A2 Alternating reverse lunge 25 lbs, 6 * 3
A3 One arm dumbbell rows 25, 6 * 3 ++

B1 Overhead triceps extension 15lbs, 6 *3 ++
B2 Standing dumbbell Hammer Curls 15 lbs ++
B3 Bodyweight 15x Focus on sitting back and squeezing those glutes

Planks 90 seconds and 65
A trainer came over and started talking to me when I was doing my first plank so I held it a bit longer. I’m surprised I was able to talk back!


Day 10! nice! I am on day 7…

keep going and thanks for stopping in on my thread.


Food glorious food, filet, sweet potato and bro-cco- li! I’ve always loved Fridays and this gives me a new reason for the love.

My workout went really well today. I maintained energy and intensity throughout. Bounced from exercise to exercise within my 30 second rest time. I had to look up how to properly do a reverse crunch on the net and it makes a big differene in the intensity when you do them right. Go figure!

I was doing the V-Sit up and the russian twist, but I have second thoughts on doing twisting motions after reading some of the articles on this site and FA. Mostly my fear of getting over developed obliques. I also threw in some adductors to help my knee rolling problem I was having with my squats. I figure if I start working on that now, when I switch workouts to include heavy squats, my form will be better.

I have been really really cold lately. Im not sure if its because of the diet or because its just plain cold. Saturday snow, snow, and then messy wintery mix. I can’t wait to relocate to Florida! One of my motivation factors for getting in shape.

More later…

Hey Josie. Do you blend your shakes with ice? If so that’s what is making you cold! You’ve seen those shows on Discovery “when weather turns bad”, etc and they tell you never to eat snow if you’re stuck out in it because it lowers your internal body temp, ha, ha! It’s true.

I live in frigid PA and I’ve been cold for the last 4 days on this diet. Congrats for making it so far. Looking forward to hearing about your meal tonight!

Thank you for stopping by Brit. I may bug you later about your experience as a figure competitor! I think my coldness was partly because of the ice and partly do to the draft that I found in my sun room! A few of my windows had dropped open from the top.

I haven’t posted in the past couple of days, but I am doing well. I’m trying to decide what I want to do with my life! I was suppose to weigh myself this morning but forgot to before I “ate”.

Afterwards I did and the scale weight was the same as last week. From looking at myself and from the way my clothes fit, I haven’t noticed any real change since Thursday so I’ve decided to switch to the more than “35 pounds to lose” calculation. This results in one less shake since I want to keep the amount of flax I have the same and need my peanut butter.

I honestly can not wait till the end of this diet to see where I stand. I’m hoping I will see enough of my muscles to decide what I should focus on for better symmetry.

2 more HSM to go already.

Hi josie

You are welcome to bug me any time you like! I’m sure you will get the results you’re after. Just weigh yourself before breakfast:) let me know how you did.

They say week 2 is a bit of a hump week. Not sure if you watch the biggest loser but they always seem to stall a little during week 2, even with the amount of weight those folks have to lose; you’re strong. Hang in there and stay warm!

I find that I have temp changes with the body…it happens at different times for me so I think it is part of the diet and the body adapting to the changes we are introducing…I may be wrong but that is my take!

Keep going with the diet, you are doing well and we are looking up to you since you are a few days ahead of us! I know I am!

Rock on!


Talk about pressure!

It maybe my body is regulating.
I have to say I did notice a change in my stomach this morning. Its still a bit squishy but I’m starting to see my stomach go down from a profile view. Thats one of my main hopes with this diet is to get a flat midsection so there is hope for me.

Off to do my Monday training,

My training went well on Monday. Before hand I had to do some serious warm ups since my hammies were still sore. Walking toe touches (kick in the air and touch foot with opposite hands), spiderman walk (walk hands out on floor then walk feet to hands), walking hip openers out and in, bw squats, and bridges.

Set up my section so I can do the decline bench press, dead lift, and the lat pulldowns with my palms facing me. For my workout I went up 5 lbs on each dumbbell for my decline bench press and up in my lat pulldowns. I stayed the same for my dead lifts and didn’t start using mix grip till the seventh set (starting out normal grip then switch to mix).

I’m glad to see an increase in strength since this indicates that I’m not losing any muscle. My old trainer came over to talk to me and he may have a workout program that I can follow post V-Diet. I believe the new head trainer gave him some workouts that are similar to how I train. Coming from NROL4W, I have grown fond of alternating sets.

I went into the gym this evening and it was packed. Reminds me of why I go to the gym during the day. Its amazing how people will sit in their car for close parking spot when they are going to the gym. Uhm, you are going to the gym to get your workout on, whats the big deal about walking an extra minute to get to the gym and back to the car. People were even getting upset with one another about the parking spots and racing down the street backwards to claim spots. It reminds me of Xmas in Short Hills mall parking lot. When I got into the building all the working treadmills were occupied (about 40) so I had to use this cross trainer do hickey thingy. My preference is walking up bleachers but its too cold out here for that.

Non hard core V-Dieter about to have my peanut butter on my spoon, so there :slight_smile:

it sounds like you are starting to settle into the swing of things…i am so happy for you!!! how are you finding the diet so far? how do you plan on eating once off the plan? i am starting to plan my post v training schedule and diet too…fitday is becoming my best friend

Ha josie! Same prob at my gym during the evening. Fighting over parking and only cardio equipment free are rowing machines and stairmills. Don’t worry. New years resolutioners will be done by the end of the momth! Great news on your strength increases. Knowing you are so much further ahead of me on this diet, your gains in the gym are a big comfort!

I agree…I actually shake my head at those people…really? are you serious? are you going to kill me for that spot that is acually handicap but since you have only been here two days ready to run me over? LOL…Even when I was lifting and working out and going through the motions did I just park at the other end so I had to walk…it is cold but really.

Pretty funny! Good to hear that you are making gains…keeping the muscle we have is important…I wish my belly would shrink faster though!

Nice work Josie!


Thank you all for stopping by.

Darth - I’m finding the diet ok. I like the fact that I don’t have to think too much either while on the diet. I figured out my macros and calories early but I ended up switching to the more than 35lbs to lose calculation over the weekend. I figured I’ll do 2 weeks on each calorie level. I have cravings for beef jerky still but also tomatoes! Not sure why, wasn’t ever really fond of those except maybe stewed or on a pizza.

As far as what I’m doing afterwards, Since I will have more fat to lose I’m going to follow the training and nutrition in “Attack the fat in 8 Weeks” by Rachel Cosgrove

I’m going to see what my former trainer and the new director of trainer at my gym have up their sleeves as well. My former trainer offered to give me a free session to go through one of the workouts our new director brought. He thinks its similar to how I’ve been training, the alternating exercises. I get to be the guinea pig so if I like them, I may follow those instead.

Brit - I wish I could blame the packed parking lots to the new year resolution, but my gym is packed like this all year round. Sometimes I like working out in a packed gym because it gets me pumped. We have a female section but I prefer to be out on the floor with the guys. Some nice eye candy too!

M- Yeah me too about my belly. I still have a thick profile gosh darnit. It’ll go down if we keep at it.


Wednesday Workout
I felt really good going into the gym today. I took to HOT-ROX about a half an hour before my workout. Great workout and feel like I can increase weight again next week.

Rest 25 seconds
A1. Dumbbell Press 20 lbs,6 * 3
A2. Reverse lunge 25 lb plate,6 * 3 ++
A3. One arm dumbbell row 30, 6 *3 ++

B1 Overhead triceps 17.5, 6 * 3 ++
B2 Hammer curls 17.5, 6 *3 ++
B3 BW Squats 15

Adduction 95, 15*2 (to help with my squat form)
Planks didn’t have my stop watch today. Somewhere around 90 seconds.

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